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 The Democratic National Convention is officially off and running and that means plenty of activity and Denver and quite a bit of that will impact us back in Central Virginia. I have three interviews scheduled for later today with some a few high profile elected officials that are at the convention. Here is a look at who is on tap and what we plan to talk to them about. 

Mayor Doug WilderAs always, Richmond’s Mayor is finding himself right in the middle of all of the action. Yesterday he served on a very high-profile African-American panel that discussed issues related to the campaign and he took a few shots at the Hillary Clinton campaign. (Politico has a great story on the event) I am going to ask him about that and the buzz (some of which he created) that he may be asked to serve in the Obama Administration. 

Senator Jim WebbI am looking forward to this, it will be my first chance to interview Senator Webb. Despite getting a look a from the Obama camp as the candidate’s running mate, he stayed out of the fray and waited to endorse until it was clear that the nomination was locked up. 

Rep. Eric Cantor- We are working very hard to balance our coverage so we are glad that will have a chance to talk to Congressman Cantor, the powerful Republican from Richmond. Cantor himself has had some conservative leaders push his case as John McCain’s running mate. Cantor is on the ground in Denver and is part of a GOP spin team that is working hard to mute Obama’s message. He did not have an easy trip to Colorado. He missed his flight and had to cancel a conference call and a group of interviews. But he is there now and is working with the favorite right now in the McCain Veep race: Gov. Mitt Romney. 

Our coverage on the air starts at 5:30.. but check back to DecisionVirginia.com often for updates.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 26, 2008 at 2:50 pm

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