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Today could be a big day for the Democrats in Denver. This after Hillary Clinton’s moment in the sun last night. Tonight it is her husband’s turn. Bill Clinton will speak as part of National Security night at the convention, but there are numerous reports that his remarks will not be confined to just national security.

Meanwhile on NBC12 we have a number of different reports planned focusing on that specific issue of national security and we are continuing to track what role some local people are playing in the race for president. 

Obama on Missile Defense: With National Security on the docket tonight, we will explore candidate Barack Obama’s stance on Missile Defense. While this issue has a immense value internationally, it also is important to those of us who live in Virginia. The Commonwealth could be a prime target for an attack because of its proximity to the Nation’s Capital, its position on the Atlantic Coast and the major military installations here. Where does Obama stand? We will show you his comments from my interview with him last week in Lynchburg. 

Cantor for VP? (again):  It seems like our newsroom has just finished recovering from Kainestairia, the sickness we created for the symptoms related to our round the clock watch of the drama surrounding Gov. Tim Kaine on the short list. We have reported a couple of times about Rep. Eric Cantor’s chances to serve as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, but honestly we have considered him to be a much longer shot that Kaine. There are quite a few reports out today that say Cantor is being seriously considered once again. I asked Rep. Cantor what his chances were and we will show you that tonight during our 5:30pm news. 

Other stuff:

Speaking of Gov. Kaine, did anyone see him on Comedy Central? I will post the video a bit later. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below. I am not hearing too much about Gov. Mark Warner‘s speech last night, although Juan Williams just said on Fox News Channel that he thought the speech came off “pretty flat”. My story last night was about how the Clinton-Obama saga overshadowed his chance to shine. 

Check back often today! It seems like there is going to be a lot of things happening.


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 27, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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