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Virginians React To Palin

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

The McCain camp has put out a dispatch featuring Virginians singing the praises of the Sarah Palin pick.  One name not on the list is Rep. Eric Cantor. I’ve reached out to his office to see if he has any opinion. His staff told the Times-Dispatch today that he is spending the day with constituents.

I also reached out to the McCain folks today to see if and when there will be a visit in the near future from either member of the newly formed ticket. All they would tell me is that they “can’t confirm anything right now.”

After the jump you can read the comments from the McCain “Virginia Leadership Team”

U.S. Representative Thelma Drake, Virginia Campaign Honorary Statewide Co-Chair

“Alaska Governor Sarah Palin represents an exciting and historic pick that changes the dynamic of this presidential race. During her tenure as Alaska’s top executive, Palin has established a reputation as a reformer who achieves results. A mother of five, including one son who will be deployed to Iraq in September, Governor Palin is well-respected as a leading fiscal conservative. American women everywhere will respond well to her inspiring story and her willingness to shake up the status quo. The selection of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running-mate underscores the point that this fall Republicans will run as the true party of reform.”

Christy Swanson, Democrat from Richmond, Citizen for McCain Vice Chairman

“Senator McCain has made an excellent choice for Vice President. Once again, we are seeing why John McCain is a candidate who speaks to voters like me who care more about strong leadership than party labels. As a small business owner, her fiscal conservatism and her strong record on energy security are critical to me. As a woman, I am proud to support her. Most importantly, she is a Washington outsider, a maverick, who will put reform and results first for working families like mine. She has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington. I will actively campaign for John McCain and Sarah Palin and will proudly vote for them in November.”

Lori Ann Miller, Woman for McCain from Alexandria, Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman

“Sarah Palin is a strong choice that represents a fresh breath of air for those of us looking for representation in this election and who can make a difference in Washington. I am a mother-to-be and I admire what Sarah Palin has been able to achieve as a local elected official, Governor of Alaska as well as being a mother to five children. No one understands more than Sarah Palin the effect that rising prices of oil have on families like mine. She understands that we need energy security to be energy independent and lessen the pain at the pump. As a young professional and mother-to-be, I am proud to campaign for John McCain and Sarah Palin.”

Delegate Chris Saxman, Virginia Campaign Co-Chair

“Governor Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for Vice President. Like John McCain, she is a maverick who has a strong record of accomplishment and the reputation to reach out to Republicans and Democrats to achieve real results. By choosing Sarah Palin, John McCain has sent strong message to Washington that a shake up in the status quo is imminent. Both John McCain and Sarah Palin understand the needs of Virginia’s families when it comes to lower taxes, energy independence and national security. John McCain and Sarah Palin do not need any on-the-job training. They are ready to lead from day one.”

Jerry Kilgore, Virginia Campaign Co-Chair

“With his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain has demonstrated that this will indeed be a historic election. Governor Palin has a proven record as a reformer who gets results and will feel at home within a McCain administration. As a working mother of five and an experienced executive, Palin has a great story that will connect with working families. Virginians can feel confident that a McCain-Palin ticket will bring to the White House the experience and leadership necessary to address our nation’s most pressing problems.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 29, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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