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Today things are expected to get back to normal for the Republicans in St. Paul. There is no doubt that their convention has not had the same flair that the Democrats had. The combination of Hurricane Gustav and some rough press on the new VP nominee, Sarah Palin has got the event off to a slow start. 

Here is what we have planned today as we connect with Virginians in St. Paul for the convention. 

Former Gov. Jim Gilmore- I am slated to speak with the former Governor and candidate for US Senate early this afternoon. Gilmore has been relentlessly attacking his opponent, Mark Warner, steadily since their debate at the Homestead a little more than a month ago. (You can see my report on that debate on our main video player on http://www.decisionvirgina.com.) Just before he left for the convention, he sent out a few blistering press releases accusing Warner of not agreeing to debates. I’ll talk with the candidate today and see how he plans to break in to the overwhelming lead Warner has in an election that is now just two months away.

I am also interested to hear what Gilmore thinks about the state of the GOP and John McCain’s chances. At one time Gilmore described himself as running on the “Republican wing of the Republican Party”. So he better than anyone should be able to quantify the party’s state.  

Our coverage begins tonight at 5:30pm on NBC12.


Written by Ryan Nobles

September 2, 2008 at 2:49 pm

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