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Obama Back to Back

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Barack Obama will now spend two days in the Commonwealth, in direct competition to John McCain and Sarah Palin’s appearence in Fairfax tomorrow. 

Obama’s campaign announced today that he will also hold an event at a High School in Norfolk on Wednesday. It will be part of the roll out of his new education plan. The event is closed to the public, only invited guests will be allowed to attend. Obama plans to talk about his plans to prepare students for the “global economy”. He is delivering a major education address today in Ohio, which will be followed by his event in Lebanon later this evening. 

What I found interesting in the release from the Obama campaign is the following line:

“The event will be Obama’s fifth visit to Virginia since winning the primary, and his second since securing the Democratic nomination.”

It appears that Obama’s folks are hoping to mute the anticipation of McCain’s first visit to Virginia since wrapping up the nomination. There is no doubt that the Republican nominee’s event will be given special attention because it will be the first. Obama wants to make sure we remember that he has already been here many times. There is no doubt that Obama’s campaign views Virginia as one of the key “Bush” states that they can steal in 2008. 

On NBC12 we will have coverage from all three events over the next two days. I will be at the McCain/Palin event in Fairfax and will liveblog the event on decisionvirginia.com.


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September 9, 2008 at 5:02 pm

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  1. […] he is still ahead and has yet to devote the time or money that Obama has. You may recall a post I put out a few days ago about the Obama camp emphasising the fact that the candidate has been to Virginia […]

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