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Obama’s Virginia Visit Draws Controversy

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Barack Obama, campaigning today in Virginia, made an off-handed comment that brought a quick reaction from the McCain campaign. Here it is courtesy of CNN and YouTube:

Obama was making a point about John McCain and Sarah Palin’s efforts to present themselves as reformers. He used an old joke you’ve probably heard many times:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”

The McCain campaign almost immediately accused Obama of comparing Sarah Palin to a pig, because of her now famous quote from the Republican National Convention where she said:

Do you know what the only difference is between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? Lipstick”.

Did Obama go too far or is the McCain campaign a bit too touchy? (They held an emergency conference call with the media to respond to the claim) Let me know what you think.

**Update after the jump**

Here is Virginia Congresswoman Thelma Drake’s reaction to the Obama comments:

“Rather than delivering on his promises of hope and change, Barack Obama sunk to a new low today with his remarks today regarding Governor Sarah Palin. It is offensive not only to women, but anybody that cares about having a substantive debate on the issues. Unfortunately for Senator Obama, this type of playground politics does nothing to overshadow the fact that Governor Palin has a stronger track record when it comes to fighting corruption and fiscal responsibility in Alaska than he has been able to accumulate in the United States Senate. The McCain-Palin ticket is proud to run on a record of reform, and if that has Democrats running scared — it should. It’s hard for Barack Obama to paint himself as the agent of change if he harbors the same mindset that Sarah Palin, and millions of women just like her, have been fighting against their whole lives.”

Interestingly, during the discussion in the wake of the Palin pick there were a number of Republican Women whose names cropped up as having more experience and therefore the potential to be better picks than the Alaska Governor. In fact some Democrats critical of the pick, said some of these prominent Female GOP politicians should be offended by the choice. Thelma Drake was among those mentioned.


Written by Ryan Nobles

September 10, 2008 at 1:56 am

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