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The Clean Coal Battle

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There is a fierce debate raging between the Obama and McCain camps on the topic of “Clean Coal”. The debate stems from comments that Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden made offhanded to supporter while shaking hands during a rope line after an event in Mamuee, OH.

That comment was quickly seized on by the McCain campaign, which almost immediately released this radio ad in coal producing states, Virginia among them.

But the Obama campaign has refused to back down. They claim that Senator Obama has consistently been in favor of exploring clean coal technology, regardless of what his running mate said on a rope line in Ohio. They have hit back with a number of press releases on the topic, and specifically cited a report on the ad by FactCheck.org that they believe clarifies their position. FactCheck says clearly that the McCain ad is “Not True”.

However, the Obama campaign is not satisfied that their stance on clean coal is getting out. Today they held a conference call with Congressman Rick Boucher from Southwest Virginia, a region heavily reliant on coal production. Boucher called Senator Obama a “great friend of coal” and said that Senator Biden’s comments were taken out of context.

In addition, the Obama campaign has released a clean coal TV ad, that will run in coal producing regions, clearly showing their hopes of rebutting, these comments and the McCain campaign’s use of them.

Tonight at 11, we will take a close look at both of these ads in a special Decision 2008 Reality Check.

Written by Ryan Nobles

October 1, 2008 at 4:56 pm

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  1. […] friendly record are not in line with the needs of the coal industry. You may recall how they seized on some comments made by Senator Joe Biden during a rope line in […]

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