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I doubt the anticipation is nearly as high, but tonight’s debate between Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore in the race for U.S. Senate promises to have even more theatrics than last night’s debate between the candidates for Vice President. Gilmore seems to have staked his entire campaign on tonight’s statewide televised debate, which you can see on NBC12 starting at 7pm.

The Gilmore camp sent out a press release teasing the debate, which said the following:

“It’s Mark Warner’s worst nightmare! No liberal media to cover up his positions or polish his gaffes. No glitzy TV spots to hide the truth of his real record. Just him, Jim Gilmore, and a statewide audience.”

and then later:

This Friday, all the money in the world won’t save Mark Warner from the truth.

(Bold emphasis added by them not me.)

The first two debates, were seen by relatively small audiences in comparison to what the potential this debate could have and the dramatically underfunded Gilmore is hoping that something major will happen to turn the tide. Tonight could be his last shot. Our coverage on TV will start at 7pm and we will open up the liveblog to your comments as well at around 6:55pm.

In Other News:

I am not suggesting that the Obama campaign is taking any cues from me, but today they announced that Joe Biden will be coming to the Richmond area on Sunday. He will appear at an event at the Tucker High School Gymnasium. This will be Biden’s first visit to the Richmond area.

On a side note, this is one of many Obama events that have been held at Public School venues across Virginia, with out as much as a peep from Republicans. Much different from the treatment given to to John McCain during his visit to Fairfax last month.

Also, see my complete, uncut interview with Sen. Joe Lieberman below. I talked to him via satellite just after last night’s VP debate. It is classic Lieberman. He did not venture away from the talking points, but he did admit that the polls were trending away from the McCain-Palin ticket.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 3, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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