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Gilmore is Against the Bailout

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That was the lasting impression from tonight’s third and final U.S. Senate Debate from Roanoke, which was the only debate televised live statewide and on NBC12. Former Governor Jim Gilmore found a way to work every single question in the debate back to his opposition to the plan passed today by Congress and Former Governor Mark Warner’s opposition to it.

Gilmore was clearly looking for a way to stake his claim in front of the people of Virginia, in his one and only shot to be seen across the state face to face against the man he is trailing.

Warner for his part stuck to his main talking points and attempted to avoid making too much news. He batted back Gilmore’s barbs on the bailout plan and attempted to explain his support of  the plan which he called “far from perfect.” You can see how our viewers reacted on our liveblog at decisionvirginia.com

The question after all of these debates is: will it have an impact? My guess is little if any and certainly not enough to dramatically change the direction of this race that Mark Warner has dominated.

I’ve included the spin from both campaigns post-debate after the jump.

October 3, 2008

For Immediate Release


Alexandria – Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, candidate for the Virginia U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. John Warner, said today in a debate with Mark Warner on statewide television the choice for Virginia voters in the November 4th election is clear — a U.S. Senator like Jim Gilmore who will fight for taxpayers and oppose federal government bailouts or a U.S. Senator like Mark Warner who will sell out the taxpayers for the high rollers on Wall Street.

“I am strongly opposed to asking America’s hard working families to cover the bets of the Wall Street high rollers and insiders who exploited flaws in government regulations to make personal fortunes and devastate our economy,” said Gilmore.

Throughout the debate Gilmore repeatedly pointed out how as a U.S. Senator he will stand up for regular Virginians who are struggling and how Mark Warner will instead protect the special interests on Wall Street, rather than the taxpayers.

“Requiring taxpayers to cough up $700 billion without providing them any additional assurances for their own financial security is wrong,” Gilmore added.

Gilmore said Mark Warner supported the costly bailout of Wall Street while simultaneously taking in almost $3 million in contributions from the Wall Street high rollers who benefit from the taxpayer bailout. (Click here to see)

“Maybe Mark Warner finds it easy to take more and more of the taxpayers’ money, but I do not,” Gilmore said. “We must restore accountability in Washington – and on Wall Street – so America’s taxpayers are protected and our economy prospers.”

This third Virginia U.S. Senate debate between former Gov. Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner took place in Roanoke, Virginia. Sponsored by NBC affiliate WSLS Channel 10, the debate was held at the Taubman Museum of Art in downtown Roanoke and was moderated by WSLS news anchor and political reporter Jay Warren. The debate was broadcast live on television stations statewide.


Democrats Call on Gilmore to Reveal Secret Plan to Save Economy

Gilmore Desperately Attacks on Economic Stabilization and Recovery Bill, but Still Offers no Solutions

ROANOKE – U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gilmore spent Friday’s debate desperately attacking Mark Warner on the recently enacted economic stabilization and recovery bill, which was supported by President George Bush, Sen. John McCain and Sen. John Warner.

But earlier this week, Gilmore couldn’t provide any details on how he would fix the economic mess, telling the Virginian Pilot that he wasn’t prepared to discuss his ideas.

“[Gilmore] said he has some ideas about what might work, however, he’s not ready to discuss them in detail,” the Pilot reported on Monday, September 29. (http://hamptonroads.com/2008/09/candidates-gilmore-warner-clash-approach-bailout)

The Democratic Party of Virginia called on Gilmore on Friday to reveal his secret plan to fix the U.S. economy.

“Jim Gilmore had plenty of desperate partisan attacks tonight, but he failed to offer any alternative to fix the economic mess that is hurting Virginia’s families,” said Jared Leopold, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Coordinated Campaign. “If Jim Gilmore has a secret plan to save the economy, now’s the time for him to share it.”

Gilmore’s desperate attacks come one day after Mark Warner announced the endorsements of 600 locally elected officials, nearly half of whom are Republicans or independents.

On Friday night, Gilmore struck a familiar partisan and often desperate tone in the third and final debate with Mark Warner, hosted by WSLS at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke.

“All we heard from Jim Gilmore tonight was more Washington-style attacks and name calling, but no viable answers to the challenges facing America,” Leopold said. “We need a Senator who will work across party lines for common-sense solutions, instead of being yet another hyper-partisan in Washington.

“The financial crisis of the past few weeks and Washington’s struggle to address these serious problems demonstrate why Mark Warner is the best choice for Virginia voters this November 4. We need a Senator who actually knows how to read a balance sheet and can bring Republicans and Democrats together to balance a budget in a fiscally responsible manner. That’s why Democrats, Republicans and Independents are lining up behind Mark Warner’s common-sense solutions.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 4, 2008 at 2:22 am

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  1. Why is Obama recruiting the ex-felon demographic to wedge-in his take-over of Virginia?

    Seem a little too cynical to me.

    Here’s today’s AP story that confirms it:



    October 4, 2008 at 4:43 pm

  2. Dear Americans,

    We would not need any petitions IF OUR CONGRESS and SENATE (employees) DID THEIR JOB.

    I would like to see every American demand an immediate replacement of every Congress Representative and Senator and DEMAND TERM LIMITS and allow any President the power to Line Item Veto with no recourse of overriding a President’s veto by our Congress or Senate.

    What we don’t need, is anyone that has been in public office before in any capacity. We need fresh new faces with new ideas and people who are for the citizens of America and for what America once stood for.

    We do not need any politicians who “cater” to self-interest groups, or pass legislations based on “political correctness”, or refuse to protect our borders with a fence, or will not resend the NAFTA Agreement that has cause the loss of millions of American jobs. Nor do we need someone in office who will not stop the outsourcing of American jobs, such as our FAA allowing Airlines to outsource (out of the USA) airplane maintenance.

    WE DO NEED someone in office that will pass a bill for Balance Budget, support Term Limits, allow Line Item Vetoes and will STOP STEALING FROM OUR SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM AND START PAYING THE FUNDS STOLEN BACK.

    Each of us has to work within our budgets everyday. So what right does our Congress and Senate have by not having a balance budget? What right do they have to “earmark” (pork) or “appropriate” funds that are not within the budget guidelines? If it is not in the guidelines they pass a Bill so any action they do is legal. It is just that simple. If they want something, they just make up a law and stuff it deep in a bill not related to the issue, and force the President to sign. This is why they do not want the President to have a Line Item Veto.

    I am sure every American is also disgusted with Washington catering to their self-interest and to Lobbyist and not doing what is right for every American citizen or for America as a whole. We (Americans) need to stop talking about wanting change and start demanding our “employees” either do their job based on their employers (voters) demands or we fire them. Does anyone other than me have the fortitude to make this happen?

    See if I am correct that we need change by answering these questions?

    We the People are tired of the lack of action by “Washington” to do what is best for America?

    We the People are sick of hearing lies, empty promises and the unethical practices by some of our Representatives (elected politicians) that requires legal action?

    We the People are sick and tired of America being the “911” to the world and “saving” every third world country and giving away Billions of our dollars to those countries? Did you know that we have borrowed billions upon billions of dollars from other countries just so America can stay financially afloat? And yet we give away that same money to other countries? What the hell is going on?

    We the People are tired of hearing that Social Security can no longer be promise to continue? What you are not hearing is that Congress and our Senate has robbed from our Social Security to fund other “projects.” Everyone forgets, the money taken out of our paychecks for Social Security is put their by our employers and by us. Our Social Security funds are like a savings account, which have been stolen by our Congress and Senate with NO INTENTIONS OF PAYING BACK. Yet, they both voted for an $810 Billion dollar bailout of Wall Street and the Banking industry under the pretense they are saving America’s financial future. What they are saving is their own bank account and investments. If you had the money, would you personally buy a bad debt with the hope of recovering your investment? HELL NO! Unless you’re really stupid. This is what our Congress and Senate did by passing this bail out “plan.” If you believe any other “story” they may tell you, then you deserve to stand beside them proudly smiling with them when America goes down the drain.

    We the People are tired of being taxed to death by the IRS and with America having the most confusing and highest tax system in the world?

    We the People are tired of the lack of jobs in America and buying products made outside of our borders? You can thank NAFTA for this. Did you know that any immigrant may apply for free Federal funds (loan) with no interest and not required to pay this back to start a business and do not have to show a profit? When is the last time you applied for a loan or had a credit card with no interest or requirement to pay the loan off?

    Speaking of borders, do you feel it is right that America’s borders are not protected as they should be? There is more protection of Iraq’s borders than what we have in America? Is this right?

    We the People are tired of “pressing 1 for English, or press 2 for Spanish”? America is an English speaking country. Or is it?

    We the People are tired of paying extraordinary high prices for health insurance or not having any at all? Did you know that anyone elected to the Congress or Senate has health insurance for life and paid for by the American Taxpayer? I did not vote for this, but our representatives did. Why did this happen? Because they are looking out for themselves and not us.

    We the People are asking every American to write-in a name this November Election of anyone that will, can, do the job they will be elected too without any “ties” to any self-interest group, lobbyist or any other political or monetary gains.


    The AMERICA we once knew is DYING. Only you (we) can stop this death rattle.

    I have always said; a change in government (revolution) begins with an idea supported by the courage to express change. Is this not what our “Founding Fathers” expressed and accomplished?


    Are you with me or against me?

    Joe Cacciotti

    Joe Cacciotti

    October 7, 2008 at 1:26 pm

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