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Debate II- Follow me on Twitter

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Tonight is the second debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. We will once again be joined by student reporters from Manchester High School who will help us by liveblogging from a debate watching party hosted by both campaigns. 

As always, you are welcome to join us by commenting on the liveblog. Our coverage on decisionvirginia.com  will start around 8:45pm, our coverage on NBC12 begins at 9. Tom Brokaw is the moderator and the format will be a town hall style. The style allows the candidates to move around a bit as opposed to being stuck behind a podium. In the past this has caused some awkward, but memorable moments.  

I also have broke down and set up a Twitter account, which I welcome you to follow me on. The unique quick updates will allow me the chance to get out rapid information as it comes in to me. For instance yesterday (which is my normal day off) I was spending the day in Northern Virginia with my wife when I received word that the Republican ticket was planning on making a swing through Virginia. I didn’t have access to my blog to get it out there, but I would’ve had access to my twitter account. So in the future, if you haven’t seen an update on here, check the twitter account, which will always have the latest information I have available to me. 

I probably will also make inane comments about my favorite sports teams, the weather or my pets. Which may make you more or less interested in signing up to follow me. 

Check back for updates often and don’t forget to participate in tonight’s liveblog!


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 7, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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