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A Note About Photographers (liveblog recap)

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Today I spoke to a group of aspiring Journalism students at Virginia Commonwealth University. We got on the topic of potential jobs in the field of television news and I got off an admittedly windy rant about how those of us who are in front of the camera are such a small part of the overall news product. The point was to express to them that as they head into their internships to keep an open mind about all the different jobs in a newsroom and how many of them can be as or more rewarding as being an on-camera contributor. I also talked about how they play such an important role in making those of us who you do see every night look good. (as hard as that might be)

This was never more apparent to me tonight. Our liveblog is a delicate balancing act of our newsroom attempting to keep the conversation flowing online, while at the same time preparing our story for the 11pm newscast. Tonight, we were (and I am not complaining) overrun with comments on the blog. Which is not a bad thing, but it makes life difficult while you are writing a story and trying to approve comments for the liveblog. (each one has to be individually approved, to avoid profane language or inappropriate comments getting on) 

I made the mistake of getting overwhelmed by the blog instead of focusing on getting my story written in a reasonable time frame for my photographer Jamie Rife, to get it edited on time. In addition, I didn’t make a careful note of when the comments I wanted to use appeared, so as I was scrolling through the liveblog, trying to find them (through the dozens and dozens of comments), Jamie just waited patiently for me to find it and get my story written. 

To make a long story short, I didn’t get him the finished script until about 10 minutes before the newscast, which is not enough time. But he didn’t flinch, he just took, got it done and we got it on the air. And it looked good, I looked good and I owe that to him. (I also should give a shout out to Jerry Brown who shot the video today and did a nice job as well). 

So to recap. Our liveblog was a TREMENDOUS success today. We had terrific contributions and that was wonderful. But the overwhelming participation put me way behind and Jamie saved me. 

In this business, we often don’t give those of us who don’t get recognized at the grocery store enough credit. So, if you see a big guy with a WVU hat in the grocery story, go up and tell him he did a nice job the night of Tuesday October 7th. He probably won’t know what you’re talking about, but he still deserves it.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 8, 2008 at 5:08 am

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