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McAuliffe: “A lot of people have asked me” about running for Gov.

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

It has become pretty common to see everyone’s favorite Clinton supporter Terry McAuliffe at democratic political events in the commonwealth. The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee has been hinting that he would like to run for Governor next year, despite the fact that they are quite a few credible democratic candidates already out there. (Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds).

The fodder has lead to some pretty interesting opinion pieces across Virginia, most of them skeptical at best of a McAuliffe candidacy. My favorite has to be the always salty Jeff Schaprio’s take in the Times-Dispatch. He provides an excellent historical perspective of prior barnstormers who have made the attempt of running for statewide office.

Last night, McAuliffe was the guest of honor at an Obama debate watching party at VCU in Richmond. A perfect example of the kind of grass roots democratic events he has been attending, to get in good with the party faithful.

We asked him about running for Governor and here is what he said:

“(laughs) Well, you know a lot of people have asked me and I have traveled all over the state, I have traveled all across the country, and what I have said is that, Nov. 4th. I am putting everything I can into helping Barack Obama, Mark Warner  and all the other candidates, and once we are done with that, I will look into that. But right now I am all about Barack Obama. I have spent two years on the road for this presidential campaign. I have left five young children up at home in McLean, Virginia for two years, it’s time to win this presidential election and then we’ll look at the gubenatorial after that.”

See the video below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm

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  1. […] and even was the guest of honor for a Barack Obama debate watching party here in Richmond. (Where we asked him about running for Governor) McAuliffe’s early testing of the water has been met with some […]

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