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VA Polls Continue to Trend Toward Obama

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A new group of polls are out in Virginia and they continue to be good news for Barack Obama. The latest comes from Public Policy Polling group, which is a democratic leaning organization. It shows Obama with an 8 point lead. This just after a FOX News/Rasmussen Poll that showed Obama leading John McCain by 2 points. It brings the overall Real Clear Politics average to a clear 5.1% lead for Obama. His largest lead ever in Virginia under this average. 

Here is the breakdown:
Virginia: McCain vs. Obama
(Starting October 11 partisan affiliated polls will not be added to the RCP Poll Averages.)

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Obama (D) McCain (R) Spread
RCP Average 09/27 – 10/07 50.0 44.9 Obama +5.1
PPP (D) 10/06 – 10/07 917 LV 51 43 Obama +8
FOX News/Rasmussen 10/05 – 10/05 1000 LV 50 48 Obama +2
SurveyUSA 10/04 – 10/05 666 LV 53 43 Obama +10
Suffolk 10/03 – 10/05 600 LV 51 39 Obama +12
Mason-Dixon 09/29 – 10/01 625 LV 45 48 McCain +3
CNN/Time 09/28 – 09/30 684 LV 53 44 Obama +9
InAdv/PollPosition 09/29 – 09/29 436 LV 51 45 Obama +6
ARG 09/27 – 09/29 600 LV 46 49 McCain +3

See All Virginia: McCain vs. Obama Polling Data

Now as you can see, RCP will no longer use partisan polling as part of their data come October 11th, which would remove this latest poll from the average. But it is clear that polls from non-partisan firms are showing the same result. McCain is bleeding badly in a state he must have. It is an indication of where the race for president is overall. 

The McCain/Palin ticket comes to Virginia next week. Will it be enough to reverse this trend? 


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 9, 2008 at 5:20 pm

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