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Rudy Raps Obama on ACORN, Experience in Midlothian

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

I just got back from the Rudy Giuliani event in Midlothian which was part of a pair of high profile campaign stops by important political figures in Richmond today. Al Gore’s campaign manager Donna Brazile also made a stop at the Obama Richmond campaign office to encourage a group of campaign workers who were headed out to canvas voters in town.

We will have coverage of both events in tonight’s newscast, but I was at the Rudy event so here is my report:

Rudy Giuliani worked hard to point out a few what he described as “glaring issues” with Barack Obama’s candidacy for President. He did not go after the familiar Republican talking points like connecting the democratic nominee to William Ayers or Rev. Wright. Instead he worked in the “Joe the Plumber” encounter and built the case that Obama’s tax plan was going to be too high of a burden for small business. (The event took place at the local company Dominion Insulation).

From there he launched into a blistering attack on Obama’s experience and how in his view it could put America more at risk from the threat of an attack. He cited Joe Biden’s comment about how if Obama is elected that the U.S. will be “tested” within six months of his time in office.

His last point was to warn of what he views as a real threat for voter fraud across America on election day. He criticized the media coverage of ACORN’s efforts to register voters and said that the more people that are given the opportunity vote fraudulently, the less impact your vote will have. He even said at one point that “if someone votes illegally 4 times, you will my as well not even vote.”

That attack parlayed into our one on one interview with him that Sunni Blevins conducted. (We will post Sunni’s entire interview on decisionvirginia.com very soon)

Sunni asked him if 10 days was enough to make up the gap for McCain to win the election and from there  the former Mayor said that Virginians should be very concerned about efforts by the Virginia Democrats to enroll “felons” and deny veterans the right to vote. He was referencing a new attack line by Republicans that the Kaine administration is allowing a higher rate of convicted felons on to the voter roles. (I spoke with Gov. Kaine’s spokesperson Gordon Hickey on this topic yesterday and he claims that statement is incorrect.)

As for the accusation of denying veterans’ the right to vote, that is based on a story out of Fairfax involving a  logistical issue with veteran’s absentee ballots which under Virginia law cannot be counted. Rudy told Sunni, that local registrars should use federal law when it comes to the situation and allow the votes to be counted. He also pointed out that polls show John McCain with a 3 to 1 lead with veteran voters.


Obama camp calls Giuliani comments “Roveian”
“The reason Virginians are leaving John McCain’s campaign is because they hear the echo of Karl Rove’s negative, divisive politics and President Bush’s failed trickle down economics. Rudy Giuliani made it clear today that if voters in the commonwealth want change – lower taxes for the middle class, affordable, accessible health care and a responsible end to the Iraq war – Barack Obama is the change they need,” Obama-Biden Virginia spokesman Kevin Griffis


We will have much more on the Giuliani and Brazile visits to Richmond tonight on NBC12 news at 6 and check back for the full uncut interviews with both political players later on today.


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October 25, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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