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Dave Matthews Rocks For Obama

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Dave Matthews and his band-mate Tim Reynolds came to Richmond today to perform a free concert on behalf of Barack Obama’s campaign. Our reporter Andy Jenks was given the (..ahem) “difficult” assignment of covering the concert for NBC12 and provides this dispatch for Decision Virginia:

What’s in that mug Dave Matthews drinks while onstage? Tea, we’re told. Earlier in the day, it was coffee. These are the things you learn while listening to the all-acoustic Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds show held Sunday night at the Siegel Center. 6,353 people were treated to a free concert entitled, “Last Chance for Change” in support of Sen. Barack Obama.

We already know that Tim is as tall standing up as Dave is sitting down. We know Tim never speaks. We also know many of the acoustic tunes chosen for the night are from Dave’s solo Some Devil album. And we know that Dave loves to make, um, chatter in between songs during these more intimate affairs. So how does he feel about Obama, taxes, leather chairs and a host of other topics?  Thanks for asking. That’s why I’m here.

On free tickets: “Thanks for spending your hard earned nothing-at-all to be here!”

On instruments: “I like to switch guitars because it makes me look professional. Tim doesn’t need to switch guitars because he already looks professional.”

On Obama: “It is my opinion, that if Obama is elected president, you will hear cheers from countries around the world without a microphone.

On the Obama tax plan: “I look very much forward to having my [rear end] taxed off. I’m well compensated for doing what I do. Tax me heavy so somebody can have a little break.”

On his chair: “This chair is too soft. This is the complaint of someone who is too fortunate. [I] should be taxed more. [I] must pay for the police and fire departments!”

On the audience: “Hope everybody’s having a good time. And if you’re not, just quietly sneak out the door because I’m paranoid enough as it is.”

On voting: “Tell your friends, if you’re undecided…just be cool!”

The show lasted about two hours and 45 minutes. See the official setlist here.

-Pictures and post by Andy Jenks (ajenks@nbc12.com)


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 27, 2008 at 4:22 am

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