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Times-Dispatch Endorses McCain

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I am sure that this post will lead to quite a few comments accusing the Richmond Times-Dispatch of being a “right-wing” mouthpiece and others that express the brilliance of the local publication. But I do feel that it is significant that the local newspaper did weigh in on the race for President today and decided that the choice for Virginia and for America is Sen. John McCain.

In a rather lengthy piece, the editorial board expresses many reasons why as the title of the endorsement says it is “Time for McCain”. The crux of their argument is that the state of the world is too unstable for an inexperienced person to ascend to the White House. They say that McCain is “the right man for our perilous times”.

It is a bit interesting that the McCain endorsement comes out today, in light of a few other endorsements that were probably a bit of a problem for the Republican ticket, including the Sarah Palin’s paper the Anchorage Daily News. It is interesting, specifically because of what the T-D had to say while sizing up the two candidates for Vice President:

The addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the ticket has been a mixed blessing. She has electrified the Republican base and demonstrated an exceptional talent for retail politics. She boasts a strong record so far as governor. But it is a short record. At times, Palin’s limited experience has shown, raising questions about her mastery of some complex issues. Her treatment by the press has been deplorable. But that does not mean all of the doubts about her readiness are misplaced. Still, we suspect she has a bright future in national politics, particularly after she has broadened her experience, perhaps as vice president. She seems to be a quick study.

Democrat Joe Biden has made himself into a laughingstock. In his interview with The Times-Dispatch, McCain clearly enjoyed recounting Biden’s recent guarantee that a President Obama would face a major international crisis within six months of taking office. “It’s one of the most remarkable statements I’ve heard in American politics . . . .It’s about Joe Biden riding to the rescue,” McCain said. Obama has publicly dismissed his running mate’s comments as “rhetorical flourishes.” McCain’s response: “He didn’t know Joe Biden was capable of rhetorical flourishes? I could have told him that!”

They also stop short of any glowing comments about Barack Obama, aside from saying his candidacy “reflects well America’s remarkable progress over the past half century.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 27, 2008 at 12:32 am

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