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One Week To Go- Obama in VA Again

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

As you might imagine it is a busy day on the campaign trail as we are now only one week away from voters heading to the polls to cast their ballots. 

Barack Obama spends the majority of his day in the Commonwealth, with the headwind of a new group of polls signaling his position in Virginia improving. Obama will be at James Madison University this afternoon before heading to a nighttime rally at Norfolk’s waterfront ballpark tonight. 

The democratic presidential nominee is also asking his supporters to take election day off from work, to help get people to the polls. He also got his buddy Gov. Tim Kaine, to record a radio spot in support of him. 

While Obama jets around other parts of the state, he brings a big name here to Richmond. Sheryl Crow will drop by his campaign office on Marshall Street to urge his supporters to get out on the street in support the candidate. She will appear at 2pm this afternoon, although don’t expect a performance. According to the release Crow is “expected to lay out the choice in this election: John McCain and four more years of the same failed policies of the last eight versus Obama and tax relief for the middle class, access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Virginians and a plan to bring a responsible end to the Iraq War.” It doesn’t say anything about her guitar. 
Crow performed with The Beastie Boys at Monroe Park for Free.

Meanwhile Republicans are still basking in the glow of a decent public relations day for them. Governor Sarah Palin played to big crowds in three different parts of the state and got quite a bit of coverage after an unplanned stop at an Ashland eatery. I was there and was among the many who stood in the rain. The main difference between the supporters and me, is that most of them had appropriate rain protection. My crack photographer Jamie Rife got inside, here was my view of the event.:

In the race for U.S. Senate, Mark Warner continues to show wide leads in every poll taken. Today his campaign sent out an email to supporters with a list of all of their newspaper endorsements. They even pointed out their non-endorsement by the Times-Dispatch, calling the paper’s nod to Jim Gilmore was “lukewarm.”

There is a lot of stuff happening, as you might imagine, so check back often!


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 28, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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  1. I have contacted your station about the biased reporting going on to no avail. Maybe someone will read this…but my hope is growing thin…WHY haven’t you reported any negativity about Obama? Why did I have to dig for hours and hours on the internet to find out about ACORN, Lack of birth records, Frank Marshall, the possibility that Ayers ghost wrote Obama’s memoirs, the fact that he appears unpatriotic to the point of being disloyal to this country, that he only served 180 days on the senate. Where is your journalistic pride? I know that most of Goochland County does not have access to high-speed internet and are unable to do the research…that’s why we have the news…but you are in essence spoon feeding only the good of Obama and not the bad. It’s getting old. Even at the roast when McCain made comments about unbiased media, everyone laughed, because it’s a joke. Doesn’t even one of you care about fair reporting? Investigating and exposing lies used to be what reporters relished in, now they are perpetrating the lies, spreading the lies by omission.

    Sonda Silva

    October 29, 2008 at 1:37 am

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