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Obama Supporters Push Back on Coal Comments

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As expected, I have gotten some comments from Barack Obama supporters who, just like the Obama campaign, say that the comments from his interview with the San Francisco Chronicle have been taken out of context.

I did get one very thoughtful email from a supporter who gave a lengthy explanation on Obama’s stance and was very critical of Senator McCain’s stance on the issue. He pointed me to a document produced by the United Mine Workers of America, who have endorsed Senator Obama, that discusses the McCain record on coal.

It is also worth noting, (a point I did raise on the air- not in my blog post) that later on in the interview, Obama did call the elimination of coal plants an “illusion”.

It is not for me to judge where Obama stands on the coal issue, but my point is more from an analytical perspective. Can this late entry into race create enough doubt in coal rich counties to erase the small margin of victory that Obama appears headed to?

I actually just finished an interview with Governor Bill Richardson who said that he believes this issue is just a “desperate” move by Republicans in the waning moments of the campaign.

We shall see.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 3, 2008 at 8:46 pm

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