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McAuliffe Staffs Up- Moran Lands Endorsements

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Terry McAuliffe‘s bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor is becoming more and more serious. Today it was revealed that he has appointed Democratic political gun Mike Henry to run his campaign.  Henry just finished helping Mark Warner cruise to victory in his Senate Race. He also has ties to Tim Kaine. Henry, however has a connection to McAuliffe in that they were both part of the Clinton campaign team. The Henry appointment comes after the choice of Mo Elleithee to operate his communications. Elleithee has played a key role in several Democratic wins in Virgina.

While McAuliffe staffs up, Brian Moran (who has been staffed up for close to a year) is working to build support with party faithful around Virginia. Moran today announced the support of a key group of Democratic leaders in Loudon county. A county that his press staff touts as a “bellwether”. No Democrat since 2001 has won statewide office without winning Loudon.

Continuing to sit back and enjoy the view is the Republican Bob McDonnell. He certainly had to love the quote from the aforementioned Elleithee in today’s Washington Post. The McAuliffe spokesman called the GOP candidate the “the strongest statewide candidate the Republicans have put up since George Allen in 2000.”


Tim Kaine turns down the chance to run the DNC (a job Terry McAuliffe used to have).

Jim Webb would like to close the gap between the requests he has received for inauguration tickets and the amount he has to distribute (26,000 requested: 500 available)


I will take a look at the Virginia Tourism Corporation‘s hopes to cash in on the Obama Inauguration frenzy. With 1 million people already expected to attend, they are encouraging more people to come. What will I-95 be like that week? I will have that tonight during our 11pm news.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 14, 2008 at 1:08 am

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