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Tell Me Your Inauguration Story

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

We are getting set to cover Inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington D.C. and I need your help finding unique and interesting stories about people from Richmond who have a connection to the historic day. Are you going? Do you know someone going? Do you know of an interesting and compelling story that we can feature during our newscast?

If you do, send me an email at rnobles@nbc12.com and tell me a little bit about the story and include your contact information. We are a TV station, so if you do plan to share you story with me plan on being in front of the camera. ( You would be surprised at the number of people who call us and ask us to do a story about them only to tell us that they don’t want to go on camera).

We will feature some of the stories during our newscast, and I will write about others here on my blog.

So get them to me as soon as you can! I am excited to hear what you have to say.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 15, 2008 at 2:32 am

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  1. […] Washington, D.C. is bracing for as many as 4 million people for Barack Obama’s inauguration. (Are you going? let me know) […]

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