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McDonnell As Attorney General

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There are a few things are out there on a chilly Tuesday morning. I guess some parts of the state saw some snow. I know my friends back in Upstate New York saw much more, so I am not complaining. 

Attorney General Bob McDonnell plans to use the power of a state wide office to get a bit of earned media today. The AG, who essentially runs as an incumbent, will unveil what his office describes as a “powerful” video on the gang problem in Virginia. They will use the video as an educational tool to show young people the dangers of joining a gang.

Expect quite a few press events like this, where McDonnell appears as the Attorney General, not a candidate. His goal is to show voters that he is getting the job done as their top lawyer, not campaigning. It is an advantage he holds over any of his democratic opponents, because while two of them are both elected officials, they are not the Attorney General. The statewide office, compels more newsrooms to send cameras and notebooks to his events.   


Senator-Elect Mark Warner picks a new chief of staff for his legislative office. 

Washington, D.C. is bracing for as many as 4 million people for Barack Obama‘s inauguration. (Are you going? let me know)

His not quite the congressman yet, but Tom Perriello went to Washington to prepare as if he were. It will be another week before Virgil Goode can ask for a recount. 

And Politico uses their “Arena” to have a lively discussion about the future of GOP leadership. See how many times you can find the name Eric Cantor


Many thanks to the SPJ club at VCU. I spoke to the group last night and had a terrific time with the young journalists. They had many great questions about the election and the profession and I was honored to be asked to speak. A special thanks to Jonathan White, the club’s president for invitation. 

Here is a picture from the event:


Also a special thanks to the family from New Hartford, NY, who popped by to take part in the talk. What a small world!


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 18, 2008 at 4:35 pm

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