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Who is running for what

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We aren’t quite in to 2009 yet and it is quite possible that these lists will shrink within the next few months, but right now there is a very crowded field of potential candidates for the three statewide posts up for election next fall. Many already have web sites, which I have linked to below.

Here is a rundown:

Attorney General Bob McDonnell

Del. Brian Moran
Sen. Creigh Deeds
Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe

Lt. Governor-
Former Finance Sec. Jody Wagner
Russell County Supervisor Jon Bowerbank
Democratic Party Chair C. Richard Cranwell

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

Attorney General-
Sen. Ken Cuccinelli
Former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee
Former Arlington School Board Chair David M. Foster

Del. Steve Shannon
Roanoke Attorney John Fishwick Jr.


Brian Moran picked up some more grassroots endorsements today. This announcement is a continuation of his efforts to build a case that he is the choice of the Democratic base. For the average voter it may not seem like earth shattering news, but his campaign manger Mame Reiley said that they “have never had an endorsement like this before in Virginia that anyone can remember.”  The news comes as a key Kaine supporter indicates that he will side with Terry McAuliffe. The Washington Post is also reporting that Moran is trying to decide if he will still run for his seat in the House of Delegates, along with running for Governor.

On the other side, Bob McDonnell today continued his efforts to remind Virginians that he is the Commonwealth’s Attorney General. Today he put out a press release, reminding parents to check the ratings of video games before buying them as gifts for their children.


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