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Webb Passed Over For SecDef- For Now

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

President- elect Barack Obama is in the process of introducing his national security team. The headline of course, is the nomination of Sen. Hillary Clinton to lead the State Department. However, an equally shocking nomination is the decision of Mr. Obama to ask Robert Gates to stay on at the Pentagon. If there was one issue that Mr. Obama chose to separate himself from the Bush Administration on it was their foreign policy. Mr. Gates has had some very different views on the situation in Iraq than the President-elect. It is clear, though, that Gates’ administration of the Department of Defense has played some sort of a role in the progress made in Iraq. Mr. Obama feels that Gates’ stewardship of the situation must remain consistent, at least for the time being.

Which leads one to ask, what happens after the “time being”? Many pundits have speculated that Gates tenure in the Obama Administration will be short. That his job will be to maintain status quo until the new president can get his bearings and begin to implement his vision. (This is, of course has something to do with Obama’s focus on the economy, which he views as his top priority).

Could that open the door for Sen. Jim Webb to step into the role in the near future? Perhaps as soon as 2010, when then Virginia democrats would be given the chance to work with the DSCC to put a credible democrat up for Webb’s seat. (I am pretty sure there will be a former Governor at that time, looking for something to do). This is, of course pure speculation, but it is something to consider, especially if Mr. Obama faces heat from the liberal wing of his party, early on in his administration,  who played an important role in getting him elected.
Another story about Eric Cantor‘s rise to power in the national GOP. (It even got a link on the Drudge Report)
The Obama Inauguration will be big, but “subdued”.
Kathy Graziano appears set to take over as President of the Richmond City Council
And Virginia legislators will have less bills to play with come the start of the next General Assembly session.

Written by Ryan Nobles

December 1, 2008 at 4:25 pm

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