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Virginia Republicans Meet, Regroup

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This weekend The Republican Party of Virginia is meeting in the far reaches of Virginia with the goal of reorganizing and getting themselves prepared for the important statewide elections on the horizon.

The session will feature high profile GOP speakers, like former Maryland Lt. Gov. and RNC Chair candidate Michael Steele. Steele lost a close race for the U.S. Senate in 2006 and has since become a ubiquitous talking head on Fox News Channel.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the RPV Advance, as it is dubbed, is the first face to face meeting amongst the crowded field of potential nominees for Attorney General. Unlike the Governor and Lt. Governor’s spot, which have clearly anointed candidates, the AG slot is open and there are three republicans interested in carrying on Bob McDonnell‘s mantle. (The democrats also have a fight for that position with two people interested. Here is a list of all potential candidates for the statewide offices, if you are interested)

Today John Brownlee, Ken Cuccinelli, and Dave Foster meet to outline their case for the nomination.

The blow by blow of their exchange was detailed brilliantly by the Crystal Clear Conservative blog, which is in attendance at the Homestead in Hot Springs. (A beautiful place, by the way, if you have never been).

Here is a roll of some other blogs who are keeping a close watch of what is happening at the RPV Advance. (They are all right-leaning blogs)



(If I missed your blog and you are there, send me an e-mail at rnobles@nbc12.com)


Written by Ryan Nobles

December 6, 2008 at 8:53 pm

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  1. Well up until now voting for either Cuchinelli or Brownlee was a toss up however I live in Caroline County and was surprised to see my sheriff’s name on an e-mail list of those endorsing Brownlee as he normally does not endorse, runs as an independent, come to find out not only did he not endorse Brownlee but sent him a letter in writing over two weeks ago respectfully asking that his name be removed. Today a mailer came, again with the endorsement as well as a number of others who have requested their names be removed. Making some calls to neighboring King George I found out that those endorsements too do not exist and the wishes of those gentlemen have also been ignored by the Brownlee campaign. This sure does not make me feel too good about a candidate who wants to be our chief law enforcement official in the Commonwealth. How many more names are falsely added to that list? Our sheriff was pretty upset, said all he did was shake the guys hand and wish him good luck. I’am going with Cuchinelli.

    Jason Soiman

    December 10, 2008 at 9:49 pm

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