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Moran Challenges Dems To Only Raise Money in Virginia

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In a clear effort to show that he is not going to back down from Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran today told WTOP radio that he thinks the candidates for Governor should only raise money within the Commonwealth.

Moran said that starting right now, through the primary, the three democratic candidates should collectively pledge to only accept donations from Virginia residents.

McAuliffe is the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and a close friend and fund raiser of the Clinton Family. He has not officially announced his intentions to run, but all signs point to the prominent democratic diving into the fray. A report last week said that McAuliffe was ready to run and had committed to raising as much as $80 million to support his effort. McAuliffe’s camp has since refuted that claim.

Regardless of the specific amount, there is little doubt that once McAuliffe gets in that he will be ready to raise and spend a significant amount of cash. Far more than any candidate for Governor in Virginia has ever spent.

While McAuliffe is not well-known in the state, his pledge to raise funds and his deep connections to national democrats make him a formidable challenge for Moran and Creigh Deeds. There is a belief among some Democrats that McAuliffe is hoping that his many millions will force Moran and Deeds out of the race before the primary even takes place.

Hence the reason that today’s statement carries so much weight. By striking directly at McAuliffe’s greatest strength, Moran is showing that he is willing to take the heavyweight on, regardless of who he is connected to or how much money he can raise.

Read complete statements from both sides of the debate, including how the McAuliffe camp responded, by clicking here.

Here is the transcript of Moran’s quote:
“This election should be about who has a proven record of fighting for Virginia families and a vision for where to take the state,” Moran said. “It should not be an election about who can raise more money from national donors. Virginia Democrats should choose our nominee.”

McAuliffe spokesman Mo Elleithee responded to the Moran challenge like this:
“If Terry decides to get into this race, we will have the resources we need to run a competitive race. But his main priority is going to be talking to people across the state. Virginians aren’t sitting around their kitchen table talking about campaign fundraising. They’re wondering which candidate will be most effective at creating jobs.”

Here is the video from the story that aired tonight during our 5:30pm news:


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 3, 2009 at 12:10 am

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