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McAuliffe Comes to Richmond Wednesday

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In an attempt to maximize his press coverage, the newest candidate for the Democratic Gubernatorial Nomination, Terry McAuliffe will “officially” announce his intention to run for Governor during a series of stops across Virginia on Wednesday.

McAuliffe has already announced that he is running for Governor by sending out a YouTube video to supporters yesterday.

The Macker’s tour around the Commonwealth will include a stop in Richmond on Wednesday. He will appear at a Richmond Town Hall at 11:30am at the Science Museum on Broad Street.

McAuliffe has already launched a campaign web site, complete with many Obama-esque features, including a text message service where you can get information on the campaign through your phone and a online form to get email updates with the latest news.

If you haven’t seen the McAuliffe online pitch yet, there weren’t too many things out of the ordinary. It looked very much like the series of video announcements that many of the Democratic Nominees for President put out last winter. I noted a couple of key points he was sure to get in there.

*That he has been living in Virginia for the past 20 years. (Opponents have already called him a carpetbagger and criticized his attempts to run for office in other states.)

*That he needs small donations, of even $5 a person. to help with his “grass roots” campaign. (Political observers expect McAuliffe to raise mountains of cash from big time donors from all over the country. Very few that would, from any objective measure, fall into the “grass roots” category)

Regardless of your opinion of McAuliffe the man, you have to admit, as Chris Cillizza pointed out in the Washington Post: this race “just got a whole lot more interesting”.


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 4, 2009 at 5:57 pm

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