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The Macker Makes It Official

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terry-macTerry McAuliffe‘s swing through Virginia brought him to Richmond today. McAuliffe held a town hall style gathering with around 40-50 people at the Science Museum on Broad Street. The visit was one of 7 different events that McAuliffe is holding to formally kick of his campaign for the democratic nomination for Governor.

In addition to a spirited stump speech, the former DNC chair also took questions from the audience that did not appear to be screened before hand. He kept his speech to issues surrounding the economy and even more specifically jobs. During the q&a, regardless of the query posed,  he found ways to bring the discussion back to how his  business background and energy would lead to new opportunity for Virginians.

Some points he made that I found interesting:

(Most can be found on my twitter page, if you happened to follow that stream)

On not being a native Virginian: “If you are looking for a candidate that was born in Virginia, I am not your guy.” (He then went on to point out that of the candidates for Governor, only Creigh Deeds was born in Virginina)

On working to create jobs in Virginia: “I promise that when I will create more jobs than any of the 49 other governors.”

On highway issues: “I will make sure every lightbulb works on warning signs on the highways.”

To read more about the McAuliffe visit and see video from the event, click here.

*He pledged to not attack his fellow Democrats, but he worked hard to point out that Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds were creatures of the legislature and he was a creature of business.

*He promised to go after Bob McDonnell, saying that he continues to “perpetuate an ideological divide in Virginia”.

*McAuliffe also said he will donate his salary as governor to a high school in the state to build a gymnasium. He said they can name it the “Terrance R. McAuliffe memorial gymnasium.”

Below is the video from our 5:30 report on NBC12.


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 7, 2009 at 11:27 pm

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  1. McAuliffe is destined to become our next Governor. Face it, he has all of the right “qualifications” to be elected in VA nowadays. He has absolutely NO experience, has no VA ties (unless you count minimal residency requirements) and will say anything that you want to hear. Oh yeah, this guy has all of the qualifications necessary to be elected in VA. He’s the perfect addition to Webb and Obama. Yes Virginia, this is truly your kind of guy! Sad, isn’t it?


    January 9, 2009 at 10:02 pm

  2. Bush gave the white house to Obama, Kaine is giving the governors mansion to Bob McDonnell. Thats how the pendulum swings.


    January 14, 2009 at 6:07 pm

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