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Cantor Unhappy With Stimulus Bill

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

I spoke with Congressman Eric Cantor moments after he cast a dissenting vote on the latest Government stimulus bill. The bill calls for close to $900 billion in spending and tax cuts aimed at jump starting the lackluster American economy.

The bill was the first effort by the Obama administration to push their weight on Capitol Hill. While President Obama’s plan coasted to an easy passage, it did so without one Republican vote. Mr. Obama was hoping for a plan that reached bi-partisan support. That he didn’t get.

Rep. Cantor was among a select group of House GOP leaders that pushed Obama on the plan. They asked specific spending projects be removed and more tax cuts put in. Their requests were not granted by their Democractic counterparts. Cantor is afraid that the new president is not living up to his campaign pledge of changing the dynamics in Washington.  Here is his quote:

“He (Obama) was voted into office on a premise that the American people accepted. That he could come and change the way Washington worked. Well this bill is not the way Washington should work. It’s the way Washington has worked.  It’s the old way of doing things and right now it does not rise to the standard President Obama has set.”

I am working on getting the entire interview posted. I’ll update you when I have it.

***UPDATE*** Hear the entire Cantor interview by clicking here.


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 29, 2009 at 3:50 am

3 Responses

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  1. This stimulus isn’t “change.” In fact it’s more of the same. I voted for Obama but am upset that much of this package will go toward industries with the lowest unemployment. Real people will only see 3% of the money by some estimations.

    I called Cantor today to express my lack of support for the bill as a business owner. Looks like I’ll be calling Webb and Warner next, and I urge others to do the same.

    Rather than playing politics, we (the people) should be holding our elected officials accountable for spending our tax money irresponsibly. We’re the bosses — they answer to us. Cantor did the right thing today, and I hope Webb and Warner will do the same.


    January 29, 2009 at 4:14 am

  2. I am surprised that more taxpaying citizens are not up in arms about the pork barrel spending submitted by President Obama and passed by the the House without a problem. There was so much waste and monies headed to companies that would not benefit the taxpayers as a whole.
    I am trying to rally citizens to contact their Senators and Congressmen. I have contacted Webb & Warner & Wittman and hope others will.
    By way of the media you would never know that so many mistakes and same old same old is being committed by the Obama administration and THIS WAS THE CHANGE people were fooled into voting for in Novemeber.

    Nancy Prince Jackson

    February 3, 2009 at 12:47 am

  3. By: David A. Patten

    This is a very interesting article that was forwarded to me and even more interesting is how many taxpayers even care or own up to their responsibility to stop this nonsense and scare tactics used by the Obama admin to get thru whatever they want to pass.

    The Coming Liberal Welfare State: Public Spending Cradle to Grave

    Economists and pundits are beginning to sound alarms that the U.S. economy is perilously close to a “tipping point,” where so many voters will be on the public payroll it will be politically impossible to reign in entitlement programs.

    The trillion-plus Obama stimulus program, they warn, could push the economy over the brink.

    Already, 40 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes. Obama’s stimulus gives non-taxpayers up to $1,600 – money they did not pay – in the form of a tax credit.

    Putting millions more workers on the entitlement roles, either through universal health insurance or the expanded SCHIP health program, will further diminish support for future free-market reforms to make the U.S., economy more competitive, conservative economists warn.

    Free-market economists point to failed welfare-state experiments in England, France, and Germany, and now openly say America could be headed down the same rocky road.

    “The economic tides will not stand still while Washington experiments with European-type social democracy, even though the dollar’s role as the global reserve currency will buy some time. Our trademark competitive advantage will be lost, and once lost, it will be hard to regain,” Carnegie-Mellon professor of economics Adam Lerrick warned in The Wall Street Journal.

    And that Lerrick’s warning was written before the election and the whopping $1.2 trillion stimulus proposal.

    Lerrick added ominously, “Tomorrow’s children may come to question why their parents sold their birthright for a mess of ‘fairness’ — whatever that will signify when jobs are scarce and American opportunity is no longer the envy of the world.”

    Columnist and economist Thomas Sowell is voicing similar concerns, stating in a recent column: “This administration and Congress are now in a position to do what Franklin D. Roosevelt did during the Great Depression of the 1930s — use a crisis of the times to create new institutions that will last for generations.

    “To this day, we are still subsidizing millionaires in agriculture because farmers were having a tough time in the 1930s. We have the Federal National Mortgage Association (‘Fannie Mae’) taking reckless chances in the housing market that have blown up in our faces today, because FDR decided to create a new federal housing agency in 1938.

    “Who knows what bright ideas this administration will turn into permanent institutions for our children and grandchildren to try to cope with?” he added.

    Is the economy approaching a point where Americans will look to the nanny state for protection? Consider:

     The stimulus plan is expected to expand the federal workforce by up to 600,000 employees. Many of those jobs would be located in northern Virginia, which could easily shove the Old Dominion out of GOP hands and into the blue column for the foreseeable future.

     The stimulus would send hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into state coffers, swelling state workforces as well. While jobs are desperately needed, many economists say it’s important to maintain a balance between public and private sectors.

     The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the recent expansion of SCHIP, which will now cover families earning up to $65,000 per year, will induce 2.4 million people to drop their private insurance coverage and hop on the government insurance roles.

     The CBO also estimates that the stimulus money for Medicaid will bring 1.2 million more persons under the Medicaid umbrella this year.

     Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley A. Strassel reports Democratic “stealth care” will also pay 65 percent of COBRA premiums for seven million Americans. Democrats may move 10 million more Americans under the federal health umbrella — in just four weeks!” she writes. “Good luck ever cutting off that money. Meanwhile, the Democratic majority is gearing up for a Medicare fight, where it may broach plans to lower the eligibility age to 55. Whatever costs accrue, they’ll pay for by slashing the private Medicare Advantage option.”

     After the stimulus deal — which involves so many programs that House Minority whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., insists on calling it “a spending bill” rather than a stimulus package – Obama plans to introduce universal health care. Some believe it will grow to become one of the largest government programs in U.S. history.

    “Guiding all of this,” Strassel writes, “is the left’s hope that by the time America wakes up to what’s happening, it’ll be too late. Democrats might be on to something.”

    Or as Sowell puts it: “All that money is just a gift to the Democrats to spend in whatever ways will advance the interests of their constituents and of the Democratic Party

    Nancy Prince Jackson

    February 3, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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