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Newbille won’t seek appointment, will run instead

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The drama over the replacement of Del. Delores McQuinn in the Richmond City Council has taken another interesting turn. Cynthia Newbille, who recently moved into the district and was asking council leaders to be appointed to the position has withdrawn her request and now plans to run for the seat in November.

Newbille was endorsed by McQuinn for the seat and is widely considered to be the choice of City Council leadership. However, her potential appointment was derailed when a group of citizens in Church Hill (including a number of people interested in becoming candidates) voiced concern that she was not a traditional Church Hill resident and the position was being bequeathed to her unfairly.

This speculation only mounted after Council Leaders discussed suspending their unwritten rule that prevented appointees from running for re-election to the position.

No word on where Council Leaders will go now in their choice to replace McQuinn and if that choice will made in a way to help Newbille’s campaign in the fall.

The transcript of Newbille’s letter to Council President Kathy Graziano is after the jump.

January 29, 2009

Ms. Cathy Graziano, President
Richmond City Council
City of Richmond
900 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

President Graziano:

First, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Council members and all of the citizens who have supported my quest for the interim appointment to the 7th District Council seat recently vacated by newly elected Virginia General Assembly Delegate Delores McQuinn.

I do herewith respectfully request the withdrawal of my application to be appointed by the City Council to fill the 7th District Council seat. My request is predicated upon and in response to recently articulated concerns about the selection of an interim appointee who intends to run for the seat in November. I will run for the seat in November, seeking the support of the citizens of my District. As a result, this constitutes my first official announcement of my candidacy for the 7th District Council seat in the upcoming November election.

I look forward to a successful campaign in November, and to working collaboratively with the City Council, Mayor, School Board, citizens, businesses, service providers and other community partners to craft a strategic agenda for our City that incorporates the priorities and supports the continued growth and progress of the 7th District.


Cynthia Newbille

Cc: Richmond City Council Members
Richmond City Clerk


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 30, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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