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Rasmussen has McDonnell in the lead

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

It is early, but Attorney General Bob McDonnell‘s team must be pleased with a new independent poll released yesterday by Rasmussen that has the Republican leading every one of his Democratic opponents by a margin of 3 to 9 percentage points. The results show McDonnell with a 9 point lead over the man he narrowly beat in the AG’s race four years ago, Creigh Deeds, leading the well financed Terry McAuliffe by 7 points and ahead of  Del. Brian Moran by a much smaller 3 point margin.

While the Moran margin is tight, it represents an overall swing of 7 points from the last Rasmussen poll in December that had the former Democratic House leader ahead of  McDonnell by 4 points. (That was before Terry McAuliffe officially got into the race).

There is not much stock one can put in polls taken this early, but after the pounding Republicans took in the last election cycle, McDonnell has to be pleased. It appears that Virginians, (despite their love for Barack Obama) seem to be willing to give him a shot.  You can see the complete poll, which also has a look at favorable and unfavorable numbers for each candidate by clicking here.

This news comes ahead of a big weekend for Democrats as all three of their Gubernatorial candidates speak at the all important Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Tonight on NBC12, I will have interviews with all three candidates and I hope to have the complete, uncut interviews available here at Decision Virginia. We will also have live coverage of the J-J dinner, along with a complete report on former President Bill Clinton‘s trip to Richmond.


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 6, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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