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Kaine: “A little old nobody, trying to help everybody.”

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Governor Tim Kaine chose to not address the rumors that a Democratic member of the Virginia Senate was poised to vote with the Republicans, and as a result tipping the balance of power into GOP hands.

In case you missed it, here is a recap of what almost happened.  (It involves twitter, if that excites you)

Today the Governor was asked about it and decided to avoid the topic. Here is the transcript of the exchange.

REPORTER:  “Can you tell us anything about your conversations with Sen. Northum yesterday?”

KAINE: “I think that is a Senate matter and I am going to leave that for the Senate.

ANITA KUMAR (Washington Post): “If it was a Senate matter than why did you get involved?”

KAINE:  (with a smile on his face) “Because you know, I think people think of me as just a little old nobody who is trying to help everybody.”

At that point another question was asked on a different topic. I am working to get video of the exchange up.



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February 11, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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  1. […] before the vote), he has ruffled some feathers with party big wigs and got himself into a bit of a social networking controversy. However, despite a few missteps, Frederick has helped Bob McDonnell’s campaign for Governor […]

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