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Moran picks up Richmond-Petersburg Endorsements

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Wednesday was a very fruitful day for Democratic candidate for Governor Brian Moran. Moran picked up more endorsements from Democratic officials in both Richmond and Petersburg.

Moran has already won the support of Richmond’s Mayor Dwight Jones and earlier this week announced that he is also being endorsed by the popular city Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring. Herring was at one time rumored to be a candidate for Richmond Mayor, but never got into the race. In a release from the Moran campaign Herring says that Moran “Has been fighting for Virginia for over 20 years, and I know he’ll fight for us as Governor. His experience as a prosecutor and his work to strengthen local law enforcement make it clear that he will lead this Commonwealth forward.”

In addition to the nod from Herring, the former Democratic leader of the House of Delegates earned the support of a bevy of Petersburg elected officials, including the City’s Mayor, Annie Mickens.

You can see the full press releases from both announcements after the jump.

Petersburg’s Leaders Endorse Moran

~ Cite 20-Year Record of Fighting for Virginians ~

PETERSBURG – Petersburg’s elected Democratic leadership overwhelmingly backed Brian Moran for Governor during a press conference today. Petersburg voters gave the third highest percentage to Barack Obama of any locality in the country during the 2008 general election campaign. The leaders cited Moran’s record of fighting for quality education and raising teacher pay, for expanding access to health care, and for equal opportunity for every Virginian.

“We face tough challenges in the next few years and we need someone with a proven record of fighting for people as our next Governor,” Mayor Annie Mickens said. “As a local Government leader and a teacher, I know the best person to be our next Governor is Brian Moran. He has been working to raise teacher salaries to the national average and made a career about fighting for people.”

Moran received the backing of:

Mayor Annie Mickens
Vice Mayor Horace Webb
Council Member Brian Moore
Council Member Carl Mike Ross
Council Member David Ray Coleman
Delegate Rosalyn Dance
Sheriff Vanessa Crawford

“I’m honored to have this leadership team in Petersburg behind my campaign for Governor,” Moran said. “This campaign will be about grassroots, community-by-community support from people who believe we need someone as Governor who will fight for them. I will wake up every day as Governor to fight for the people of this community.”

The Petersburg leaders join other prominent Virginia leaders who have announced their support of Brian Moran for Governor: the Chairman of Mark Warner’s campaign for Governor and former Congressman L. F. Payne; House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong from Martinsville along with the Martinsville Sheriff and Democratic Chair; the majority of elected Democrats in Loudoun and Arlington Counties; the mayors of Richmond, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News and Portsmouth; and the majority of the members of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Steering Committee.

The announcement was made at Old Towne Catering in Petersburg.

Relevant Quotes

“I’m proud to support a candidate for Governor who believes in the values of our party. We are a grassroots party of the people and Brian Moran has been fighting for people for 20 years. Just like Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, Brian Moran has earned the trust and loyalty of Virginians.”
– Vice Mayor Horace Webb

“Brian Moran has gotten to know our Petersburg community. He’s fought for us in the legislature and worked with us in his campaign. He’s the right person to lead Virginia forward in the tradition of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.”
– Councilman Brian Moore

“Virginia needs a leader who won’t walk away from the tough fights and who stands by what they believe. That’s Brian Moran. He has a long record of serving the public and fighting for our values.”
– Councilman David Ray Coleman

“Brian has been my Democratic leader in the House and my friend. He shares our values and is someone with a proven record of fighting for people. I know his ability to lead and get things done. He’ll make a great Governor.”
– Delegate Rosalyn Dance
Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Announces Support for Moran

~ Herring: Grassroots, People-Focused Fighter Needed for Governor ~

RICHMOND – Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring announced his support of Brian Moran for Governor today. Herring was elected Richmond’s Commonwealth’s Attorney in November of 2005. Herring attended the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner and heard Moran’s speech on the values of the party and the politics of the future.

“This weekend Brian Moran made his case to lead our party and defined what’s at stake in this election,” Herring said. “He believes we are the party of the people and the grassroots. He has been fighting for Virginia for over 20 years, and I know he’ll fight for us as Governor. His experience as a prosecutor and his work to strengthen local law enforcement make it clear that he will lead this Commonwealth forward.”

Herring is the second city-wide elected official in Richmond to endorse Moran. Last week, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones announced his support.

“I’m honored to have Mike’s support,” Moran said. “He is the type of local leader who shares my vision for a grassroots party powered by people. He believes we need someone who will fight for the hard-working men and women of Virginia.”

Prior to his election as Commonwealth’s Attorney, he was a partner at the law firm of Bricker & Herring and an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond School of Law. Mr. Herring served as the first African-American president of the Richmond Bar Association in 2005 and was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Criminal Law Section of the Virginia State Bar in 2004 and 2005.


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 12, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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