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McAuliffe TV buy for real

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It is often the habit of political candidates to produce TV ads (which unto itself is not a cheap venture) and then only release them on the Internet.  It is a less expensive way to get getting your message out. Releasing an ad usually leads to a few news stories which can then turn into some viral play in support of their candidates. Sometimes in an effort to make the ad seem more credible campaign ad teams will make ceremonial buys at odd times during low rated shows. This makes the ad seem like it has an impact, but truthfully it will be seen more on the web than on TV.

Such is not the case with the unprecedented early ad buy from Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race for Governor of Virginia. Here is a picture of his ad, which ran during FOX Richmond’s broadcast of the Daytona 500.


More on the Macker’s TV buy after the jump

It is hard to measure the scope of the McAuliffe buy because his campaign team won’t release the exact dollar amount that they spent. We are left to use anecdotal evidence to draw conclusions as to just how big it might be. This we know: He has bought time in at least three Virginia television markets and has now bought time during two of the biggest sporting events of the year. (He also bought a spot during the Super Bowl in the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads market). I have also seen his ads running during one of the most heavily viewed times on our air, between the end of our 6pm news and the start of NBC Nightly News.

Buying this much TV, this early on, is clear evidence that he will spend as much as it takes to gain the Democratic nomination and then win the general election.

The question remains, is this spending meant to gain votes or scare one or more of his Democratic rivals out of the race?  Perhaps it doesn’t matter.


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 15, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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  1. […] Decision Virginia wrote an interesting post today on McAuliffe TV buy for realHere’s a quick excerpt(He also bought a spot during the Super Bowl in the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads market)…. […]

  2. […] has already spent close to $500,000 in paid media. (We have talked before about McAuliffe’s early advertising push being more than just a vanity buy.) But despite these clear advantages, a new poll out shows this […]

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