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McDonnell’s last day

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ryan-and-mcdonnellI got the chance to spend a few minutes this afternoon with outgoing Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Governor Bob McDonnell. It was “photo friendly” opportunity to catch up with McDonnell who was actually boxing up his office in anticipation of his move to full time candidate.

McDonnell will now go back to work as a private attorney working for his old firm of Huff, Poole & Mahoney P.C in Virginia Beach. McDonnell talked about his accomplishments in the Attorney General’s office and the challenge he has ahead in the race for Governor. He acknowledged that the eyes of the country will be on the race because of its position as an off-year election. He said that he doesn’t feel any additional pressure, but welcomes the support he expects to receive from Republicans across the country ready to get back into the victory column.

I will get some video up from the exchange at some point tonight and you can see more from the interview tonight on NBC12 at 11.

**UPDATE** to see video from the interview along with some kind things that people said about the AG on his last day (Republican and Democrat) click here.

State and National Leaders Comment on Bob McDonnell’s Service as Attorney General

Richmond- As Attorney General Bob McDonnell officially steps down today as the 44th Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a number of prominent state and national leaders who have worked with him over the past three years issued statements in recognition of his service.

William (Bill) H. Leighty, Former Chief of Staff to Governor Mark Warner and Governor Tim Kaine

“It has been a distinct pleasure to have served at a time that Bob McDonnell was Attorney General. As a career state employee, I have worked with a number of Attorneys General. General McDonnell distinguished himself in his treatment of the professionals at the Attorney General’s Office and with his attention to the improvement of management efficiencies in the operation of the office.”

Congressman Eric Cantor

“For three years Bob has run the Commonwealth’s law firm with intelligence, efficiency and skill. He has been a partner in Richmond that our Congressional delegation could always depend upon for honest legal analysis. Bob McDonnell has served Virginia’s citizens well as our Attorney General.”

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr.

“I appreciate Bob McDonnell’s leadership in working with me and the Cal Ripken Sr., Foundation to bring our ‘Badges for Baseball’ program to young people throughout Virginia. Badges for Baseball, which brings together law enforcement mentors and coaches with young people at Boys & Girls Clubs, is entering its third year in the Commonwealth, and Bob and his staff at the Attorney General’s Office have been wonderful partners. Bob has not only been instrumental in the success of Badges for Baseball in Virginia, he has been a strong advocate for the program on a national level. He has spoken with fellow Attorneys General about the value of the program that combines baseball and the ‘Ripken Way’ with life lessons about character, responsibility and sportsmanship. I thank Bob McDonnell for his public service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and his unwavering interest in providing children with the tools to make good choices in life.”

City of Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring

“We often talk about the goal of bipartisan collaboration on important public safety issues, such as gangs. As Attorney General, Bob McDonnell actually did it by partnering with us in the City of Richmond.”

Steve Rosenthal, Former Attorney General of Virginia

“The Office of the Attorney General is the Commonwealth’s law firm. The Office is consulted on nearly every significant issue facing Virginia, and it is relied upon to provide accurate and timely legal advice and direction. Bob has ensured this has been the case during his time in Office, and his leadership has greatly benefited the government and the people of Virginia. Bob was an effective Attorney General and he will be missed.”

Chuck Rosenberg, Former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

“Bob was a great partner, a great leader, and a great friend to law enforcement throughout Virginia.”

Leslie Van Horn, Executive Director, Federation of Virginia Food Banks

“Thousands of Virginians have benefited from the leadership and vision of Attorney General Bob McDonnell as chair of the statewide Legal Food Frenzy – a campaign involving law firms through the state. This campaign has provided over 2 million pounds of food and grocery products in its first two years to the seven Food Banks in the Virginia/DC area and as a result, has put food on the table of many individuals in need. Attorney General McDonnell has been a strong advocate on behalf of Food Banks throughout the state and we are extremely grateful for the support and leadership of Attorney General Bob McDonnell and his staff.”

Chuck Curran, Chief Counsel, AOL

“Bob McDonnell has been an innovator in cybercrime investigation and prosecution. He was one of the first Attorneys General in the country to work closely with the tech community to help combat many of the challenges facing the Internet. As a result, General McDonnell’s programs have done a great deal to protect children online, promote general computer safety and stop the proliferation of spam. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 21, 2009 at 12:40 am

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