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Tonight President Barack Obama will be delivering an address to a joint session of congress that will be about the condition of the country and be held in late February, however it WON’T be the State of the Union. Technically Mr. Obama is not required to deliver a formal “State of the Union” because he was just inaugurated about a month ago. So tonight will have the look and feel of a State of the Union, it just won’t be called that. 

We will cover the President’s address from Richmond and will once again be looking for your input during our liveblog which will take place on nbc12.com. The liveblog will launch around 8:45 prior to the President’s speech. We will recap some of your best comments during our 11pm news and I will post some of them on my twitter feed as well. (Which if you aren’t following yet, sign up!)

We are also set to talk to Rep. Eric Cantor today about the speech. (ICYMI- Cantor had an interesting exchange with Obama yesterday and Politico had a story today about his relationship with his Democratic counterpart Steny Hoyer).

Tonight during the liveblog, we will be most interested in how you think the President’s plans could impact us here in Central Virginia. So read up and prepare. I will join you tonight on nbc12.com for the discussion.


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 24, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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