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Preserve, protect and create jobs

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I just got done interviewing Rep. Eric Cantor about tonight’s Presidential address by Barack Obama. We talked about a wide range of topics including the President’s plan to increase taxes on the wealthy and the merits of bi-partisanship. I also got his take on how he feels the stimulus money (which will come from a plan he voted against) should be spent in Virginia.

A number of prominent Republican governors across the country have talked about not taking some or all of the  stimulus money. Some GOP lawmakers in Richmond have criticized Governor Tim Kaine‘s plan to fill a large gap in the state’s budget with stimulus cash.

Cantor’s take was simple. If the money won’t be specifically be used to “Preserve, protect or create jobs” it should be left on the table.

Listen to the entire soundbite, and read the transcript after the jump.


“The test to me on using that stimulus money, we ought not be using stimulus money to do anything but to preserve, protect or create jobs.  And if the stimulus money is being used to prop up, you know whatever pet project that may be out there that may again go into the baseline in Virginia and cause us to spend more money later when the stimulus runs out, thats not smart. If the money is being used as safety net additions, if we are going to help people in need, then let’s call that what it is. That’s safety net money, that’s a spending program that may or may not be laudable in and of itself. But if we are going to be true about the purpose of stimulating the economy we ought to be focused on preserving, protecting and creating jobs. “


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 25, 2009 at 12:17 am

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