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Can handball courts turn into stimulus?

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handballYou are probably wondering what a picture of me playing handball has to do with Virginia’s portion of the federal stimulus plan. Tonight at 11 on NBC12, I hope to show you.

At the beginning of February Governor Kaine unveiled a new website designed to give average Virginians the chance to submit proposals (however wacky they may be) as to how the stimulus money should be spent. I spend a good portion of today pouring over the submissions, which at this point number close to 4,000.

Their are many legitimate ideas, that include widening sections of highways, building new schools, and countless other examples of the FDR style infrastructure investments that President Barack Obama has proposed. But as you might imagine there are plenty of other ideas that can be described as either innovate or insane depending on your perspective.

Tonight at 11, I will introduce you John Bragg, an energetic idea man who submitted a proposal to the government’s website hoping to receive funding. His proposal involved me playing handball. Tune in to see his plan.

It’s not too late to submit your proposal for funding. Just go to the government’s website site: www.stimulus.virginia.gov and follow the directions. They must be submitted by Friday March 6th.

After the jump you will find some of the proposals I found particularly interesting.

Virginia Stimulus Proposals:(Taken from the web site without any editing)

Category-Housing (3110)

Father’s Fund– My family would like $50,000.00 to make improvements to my parents home. My father is suffering form Parkinson’s disease and I would like to move back home to help him. My parents are both in their 60’s and live in a small hope. They need basic upgrades like a HVAC system. They do not have air conditionining in their home. They also need another bathroom and room added on their house. This will accomodate more people coming to stay and help my father. This will also give him a room modified just for him. They also need carpet and painting. Your help would be greatly appreceiatged. They have lived in their house for over 20 years.

Location– Richmond

Project stage- Planning

Project Cost- $50,000


Category- Higher Education (3068)

Bacak Higher Education Assistance- Dear Gov. Kaine, I need your help. My oldest child is in her last semester at VCU. I need 7,800 to pay for her tuition, room and living expenses. She will need this to graduate and therefore someone who then will be producing addiotinal income and stimulationg the VA economy. God Bless,

Location- Richmond

Project stage- Shovel Ready

Project Cost-$7,000


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 26, 2009 at 1:40 am

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