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Budget could be passed by 4pm

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Lawmakers at the state capitol struck a deal last night that could mean that session will end on time. Today is supposed to be the final day of votes for this short session, and both houses are expected to take up the new agreed to budget plan as soon as 4pm.

We will have the latest on the budget process, including what changes that have been made that could impact you tonight on NBC12 news at 6pm.

**UPDATE** The House of Delegates is in recess until 5pm. The Senate until 4:30pm. No budget votes are expected until then and it could go even later. (quick updates at twitter.com/ryanobles)

Here is the AP’s story on where the budget stands right now:

RICHMOND, Va . (AP) – House and Senate budget negotiators reached a tentative midnight agreement Friday on amendments to the state’s cash-starved $77 billion budget.

The accord leaves in doubt whether the General Assembly will take a rushed final vote on the 16-month spending blueprint late Saturday or adjourn late for the sixth time in eight years.

Six senators and six House members bickered right up to the moment they sealed the deal with a handshake minutes before 12 a.m.

The consensus the two sides reached uses about $1.2 billion in federal stimulus money to offset a $3.7 billion shortfall, the deepest on record in Virginia.

It would restore most of the cuts a plunging economy and poor tax collections forced on health care, public safety and education.

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Written by Ryan Nobles

February 28, 2009 at 5:34 pm

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