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The winter storm

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After the budget passed Saturday night we focused all of our energy on the storm. It turned out to be a crazy 48 hours and I took some pictures of the experience.



It started Saturday night when Sagay’s forecast really started to look bleak. We had a visit from a family from my Church and their budding meteorologist of a son, Adam DeGuzman. I showed him how to use the chroma key and after that he was off.  Adam agreed with Sagay that we were in for at least 4 to 8 inches. 



See more pictures from the winter storm after the jump.


I took this photo of our weather garden when the snow first started to fall around 4pm. At this point we were getting calls from people around the Richmond metro area reporting varying degrees of snow fall. It was also at this point that the closings and delays starting slowing rolling in. (Notice the reflection from the window. I didn’t venture outside to take the photo)






This is another picture of the weather garden right after I got off the set at 6pm. The snow had really picked up at that point. Andy Jenks reported live from the Short Pump area where it was even worse. The snow was so heavy we could barely seem him on camera. When I walked out to the set at 5:55pm there were only about 8 closings and I read them all on the air. By the time I got off, there were probably about 50. If you watched our coverage at all this morning you saw there were hundreds. Even VCU ended up shutting down completely after originally planning to delay their opening to 11am.



photo-5 This is a picture of our parking lot after the 11pm news. This was the point where the storm let up for just a bit until the second and swung through. It was a bit comical because I admit that despite by Northern roots, I was no different than any other Southerner. I was completely unprepared. No scraper to wipe off the truck, no boots, no snow tires, no anything. The only thing that benefited me on my drive home was my 15 years of experience driving in the snow. But even that wasn’t all that necessary because the road crews had everything completely clear.  


dsc00675 I am fortunate to have today off. That gave me the chance to go out and take some pictures around my house with my wife’s good camera. (The other photos are from my phone). This is from our back yard. The one thing my wife and I have had to adjust to living down here as that when the snow falls it usually is gone as quick as it came. Such is not the case with this storm. We had a good 4 to 5 inches of the white stuff filling up our yard.


This is our “hearty” dog Sophie Belle. When we lived in Upstate NY, she would go outside for hours and jump around in the snow in much colder temperatures. It appears that she is officially a “Southern” Belle now. I had to shovel her a path in the backyard in order to get her to come outside and the entire time we were out there she just stood on the deck giving me this look, begging me to let her go back inside.  



dsc00683  Finally, this is what my street looks like this morning. There wasn’t much acitivity other than some neighborhood kids take advantage of their day off and the rare chance to play in the snow. As much as I enjoyed this brief winter snap, I think I will really enjoy watching it melt all away in a couple of days. In Upstate New York a snowfall like this would stick around for months. 




One quick thing. I would like to make note of the fact that I have added the famous Not Larry Sabato blog to the blog roll. The blog is an institution in Virginia political circles. It has already featured a liveblog with Terry McAuliffe and is sure to play an important role in the upcoming statewide elections.


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March 2, 2009 at 5:09 pm

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