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D’s, R’s and Newt

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Notable news from Democrats…

A new poll still shows a tight race for the Democratic primary, but regional preferences are starting to show through. 

While Brian Moran goes on the air with a radio ad in Hampton Roads, Terry McAuliffe hits the road, traveling a number of different spots across the country.

And on the Republican side..

No new information on Frederick watch, although J.R.  Hoeft  of Bearing Drift predicts one of three outcomes for the embattled chairman:
1) Frederick resigns
2) Frederick calls for an election for chairman at the convention
3) Frederick forcibly removed

One candidate for Attorney General promises Bill Bolling that he won’t run for Governor in 2013 (yes we are already talking about 2013). Another, won’t commit. 

Finally Newt!

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is in town tonight. He will be hosting a sold out lecture on the campus of Randolph Macon College in Ashland. The brainy conservative is experiencing somewhat of a comeback, thanks in part to a lack of prominent voices on the Republican side. I have an interview set up with the former Speaker and if all goes according to plan, I will post an extended portion of it here either tonight or tomorrow morning. I will also have twitter updates on Gingrich’s visit, so you can stay informed there as well. Mr. Gingrich (who tweets himself) is always good for a few 140 character zingers.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 5, 2009 at 4:12 pm

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