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Letter to oust Frederick released

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Veteran Capitol reporter Bob Lewis gets the media’s first copy of a letter sent by members of the Republican Party of Virginia’s executive committee formally notifying chairman Jeff Frederick of their intent to remove him from office. The letter is a pretty damning account of Frederick’s tenure at the helm of the RPV. It accuses him of at best, failing to abide by party guidelines and at worst, using party funds to steer money to a private company that he runs.

For his part, Frederick remains defiant telling the AP that he will respond in writing to each of the charges. He claims that they are “false and without merit”

You can read Lewis’ story on the letter on the Times-Dispatch’s web site.

Bearing Drift has the entire letter and a they do a little digging of their own, countering Frederick’s claim that he did nothing wrong with party funds. 

While this drama matters little to everyday voters, it must driving everyone at Bob McDonnell headquarters nuts. The former Attorney General was in store for an unimpeded march to the general election. He was expected to bask in the glow of no primary opposition while his democratic counterparts spent their money and time beating up each other. Instead he is dealing with a inter-party squabble that will cast a shadow of his upcoming “official campaign launch” and its a problem that has the potential to linger far beyond. 

These problems are even worse when you consider that McDonnell made an effort to get Frederick to bow out gracefully before the dirt in these claims saw the light of day. Instead he is left to pick up of the pieces of an ugly mess that could leave the party badly damaged with little time to repair itself before November. How the candidate reacts could play an important role in how voters respond to him in November.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 13, 2009 at 6:01 am

One Response

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  1. What a two-faced move by Bob McDonnell. He supported Frederick while he was useful, but now that he’s hurting McDonnell’s campaign, he throws him under the bus. Frederick is a real conservative, and that’s what we need if we’re ever going to win again. McDonnell has no business getting involved in this fight now.

    We need a real conservative!

    March 13, 2009 at 8:40 pm

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