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Frederick’s side of the story

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

In the midst of the controversy surrounding RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick‘s embattled tenure, one thing we haven’t heard much is Frederick’s side of the story. It’s not that reporters haven’t tried. Aside from a few carefully worded written statements on the topic, Mr. Frederick has either refused or ignored attempts for interviews. But despite his reluctance to get out in front of this issue questions still remain. Why, with the weight of the biggest names of the GOP coming down upon him, has he refused to resign?

Right around the time former Attorney General Bob McDonnell issued a statement asking Frederick to step down, the Chairman put out a statement of his own where he emphatically defended his right to stay in the job. At the time he said:

“I have every intention of continuing as Chairman and completing my term in May 2012. I have the commitments necessary to win the vote on April 4th, and will fulfill my term and the commitment to the people who entrusted me to lead our Party back to victory.”

It seems that the Chairman has been given just enough support from the people he gave that commitment to. Early in the week at a debate between Republican GOP candidates in Loudon County, Frederick received a very warm welcome. (See the video after the jump). In addition not every Republican elected official has called him to step down. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and AG candidate Ken Cuccienlli have both said they are staying out of the fray. Bob Marshall the fiery conservative delegate who can within a whisker of becoming the party’s candidate for Senate has asked for an independent commission to decide his fate.

Insider Republicans are speculating that the conservative wing of the party which ushered Frederick to his victory, is urging him to continue to wage this fight, because in their mind it could define the future of the GOP. That theory gains support when you see comments posted in defense of Frederick and just about every blog post about this story. (By no means a scientific assessment, but notable none the less.)

I have a standing offer to Mr. Frederick to get his side of the story, but it appears he will remain mum until that April 4th meeting where it looks like he will fight to the end. We will see if he can hold out that long, and what repercussions the party suffers in the wake of this showdown.

See video from the AG debate after the jump…

(h/t Bearing Drift)


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 15, 2009 at 2:14 pm

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