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Creigh Deeds Coming to Richmond

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State Senator Creigh Deeds, one of three candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor will come to Richmond on Saturday for a community gathering and fish fry.

The event itself is just a simple meet and greet with the candidate and local supporters, but also gives an indication of some of the support Deeds has with elected officials here in the Richmond area. While Deeds’ opponents make sure to fill up inboxes with the latest news of regarding new supporters, he has taken a more subtle approach.   I was surprised to see the number of prominent local officials who are supporting his campaign. Among them: Senator Henry Marsh,  Delegate Delores McQuinn,  Richmond Sheriff CT Woody,  Richmond City Council Vice President Ellen Robertson, Richmond City Councilman Chris Hilbert,  Richmond Councilwoman Betty Squire and former Richmond City Council President Bill Pantele.

While some are not a surprise (you would expect his colleague in the Senate Henry Marsh to be a supporter) others taking a leap like this at this stage does make you pause. For instance, former Council President Bill Pantele is widely considered to be looking for a way back into the political fray and he could be taking a risk by picking sides so early. Councilman Chris Hilbert often plays his political allegiance close to the vest and did not endorse anyone in the recent run for Richmond Mayor.

Regardless, despite his lack of funds and polls that show him trailing, Senator Deeds is showing no sign of  backing down until every vote is counted.  His camp recently sent out a fund raising pitch that pointed out to supporters  that a Republican operative told the Washington Post that Deeds was the candidate many GOP members fear the most. It’s clear he may never be “ahead” in the race, but ignoring him could be a mistake.

The details on the Deeds fish fry in Richmond is after the jump:


“Deeds Night Out in Richmond” community gathering and fish fry
Robinson Theater Community Art Center
2903 Q Street


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 20, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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