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McAuliffe uses Moran attack to raise cash

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Ryan Nobles – bioemail

Terry McAuliffe‘s campaign is attempting to deflect criticism from rival Brian Moran by using the fracas to raise money. Moran’s camp recently called a fundraiser organized by GOP strategist Ed Rogers “offensive”.  McAuliffe’s staff was quick to defend him, saying the consulting operation that ran the event was “bi-partisan” and an example of his ability to work with people of all stripes.

In addition to this very public attack, the McAuliffe campaign has also taken some behind-the-scene heat that the former DNC chair was not a strong enough supporter of Barack Obama during the presidential election.

Yesterday, McAuliffe’s campaign manager Mike Henry sent out an e-mail to supporters the rebuts claims of a variety of different issues. The e-mail contains a button that directs supporters to the campaign’s donation page.  The e-mail also repeatedly links to a page off the McAuliffe web site that aims to report the “facts” related to his campaign. Not only does the page deal with the recent controversies, but just about every issue that has come up related to McAuliffe since the campaign began.

Meanwhile McAuliffe will open a campaign office in Richmond on Saturday. The details are below:

2:00 pm  Terry McAuliffe Attends Richmond Office Opening
Friends of Terry McAuliffe Office
408 W Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 27, 2009 at 6:17 pm

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