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Cantor votes against budget

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Local Congressman Eric Cantor, to no one’s surprise voted against the budget proposal presented by his democratic counterparts in the house on Thursday night.  In addition, Cantor in his capacity as the house minority whip, corralled every single other member of the House Republican caucus to do the same. For good measure, 20 Democrats also decided the spending plan was not in the country’s best interest and voted it down as well.

Despite the universal opposition by Republicans and a significant number of Democrats, the measure still passed by a comfortable margin of 233-196.

But voting the budget down was not enough for Cantor and the Republican House leadership they also proposed a spending plan of their own. The plan which has lower taxes and less spending, was largely ignored by the Democrats and the media. In fact Cantor recently alluded to the fact that it is difficult for the minority members to get out their message because realistically their ideas have little chance of ever passing.

I spoke to the Congressman today to about why he believes the Obama budget spends and taxes too much.

See what he had to say about that and the fuss over his attendance at a Brittany Spears concert after the jump:

Even though the budget was high on Mr. Cantor’s priority list, I had to ask him about the fuss that has been made of his attendance at a Britney Spears concert. Cantor took part in a Republican fund raiser at a Spears concert in Washington, D.C. that was on the same night as President Barack Obama’s prime time press conference.

His decision to attend the concert has created a firestorm on the internet (this is a simple google search with both of their names) and it has become an issue that has been dogging him for several weeks. Despite all the hoopla, the congressman told me, he doesn’t understand the media fascination with the issue.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 3, 2009 at 1:49 am

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