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Frederick’s fate awaits today’s vote

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Members of the Republican Party of Virginia’s executive committee are huddled behind closed doors at a hotel in Henrico, discussing the future of embattled Chairman Jeff Frederick. A group of the party’s executive committee believes they have the votes to remove him from the post, but the Chairman is defiant and refuses to step down. Elected members of the party, including their candidate for Governor Bob McDonnell and the entire congressional delegation including local Rep. Eric Cantor have asked him to step down. 

According to various reports, Frederick arrived to a crowd of 50 or so supporters holding signs and displaying their support. He ran into an early problem when one of his supporters proxy votes was ruled invalid. According to Anita Kumar at the Washington Post, 66 of the 77 members were present and 10 sent in proxies. She also reports that both sides came armed with thick briefing books for and against the chairman’s cause. 

Bearing Drift is running a live internet radio broadcast of the proceedings. They just reported that a number of procedural votes have gone against Frederick. They also say that there is little to indicate that Frederick will hold on to his post, but the vote could be closer than some expect. 

We have a crew stopping buy the vote and will have an update tonight on NBC12 at 6. I will also provide updates here and on my twitter feed.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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