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fredericksupportersWhile much has been made of the opposition that Jeff Frederick has faced from members of the Republican party, it is worth pointing out that for all the scrutiny he has faced, the chairman still has a loyal and rabid following amongst the RPV’s conservative wing.

That was displayed this morning as 50 or so supporters came bearing signs, cheering on their chairman. They were hoping to swing weary executive committee members that have yet to make a decision.  Many Frederick supporters are concerned that if he is forcefully pushed out, that the conservative voice within the party could become marginalized and ultimately taken for granted.

This could cause problems for gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, who has conservative credentials that are difficult to argue with, but is still attempting to walk a fine line of moderate politics.  Conservative Virginians, by in large support McDonnell, but they are concerned about they way he is flirting with Northern Virgina moderates and liberals whose ideology they despise.  If conservative supporters of Jeff Frederick feel he was given a raw deal, that could force a backlash that could reverberate through the McDonnell campaign.

Of course given the current state of the upcoming election, would conservatives really abandon a pro-life, pro-gun, ant-card check candidate for the state’s highest office? McDonnell has to be a much better choice, given their views than any of the candidates on the Democratic side or an insurgent conservative who would have little to no chance of winning.

After the jump I have video from this morning from Jeff Frederick’s grassroots coordinator John Darden. He explained why he and his fellow conservatives are backing the Chairman.

**UPDATE** Live coverage from Bearing Drift of the Frederick vote will continue again at 4pm. Click here to listen in.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2009 at 7:16 pm

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  1. […] NBC12 has this video of Frederick supporters. […]

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