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McAuliffe- Moran aides duke it out on twitter

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If you aren’t on twitter yet- this might give you a reason to sign up. Last night on a public feed available to anyone, Three high profile aides to Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe got into an interesting back and forth over the now controversial fundraiser for McAuliffe run by the lobbying firm BGR. 

This online argument tells us quite a bit about both campaigns. The Moran campaign seems unwilling to stop hammering McAuliffe on this issue. They believe it has the potential to drive a big wedge between McAuliffe and committed Democratic voters that will be vital to his success in November. On the other hand McAuliffe’s people have not backed down. They have gone to great lengths to explain that BGR is not a “Republican” firm, but a bi-partisan one that has provided services to prominent Democratic candidates. They have also reminded journalists and supporters that big time Democrats from Virginia (Mark Warner) and beyond (Chuck Schumer) have worked with Ed Rogers, the most prominent fundraising organizer that has gotten McAuliffe into trouble.

Even more telling (and it is seen below), is the fact that McAuliffe’s staff is working hard to make the case that Moran’s campaign has taken a negative turn. A turn McAuliffe promised not to take.  

That brings us back to twitter. The spat was between McAuliffe’s top communications aide and Clinton campaign Veteran Mo Elleithee and two Moran associates, Democratic blogging superstar Jerome Armstrong and Howard Dean/John Edwards media mastermind Joe Trippi.

From what I can tell the first missive came from Armstrong the full rundown is after the jump

@JeromeArmstrong http://tiny.cc/terrymoney Terry McAuliffe’s happy when Ed Rogers is raising money for him, like good buddies would be.   (10:37 PM Apr 4th from web)

@JoeTrippiGOP lobbyist Ed Rogers attacks Obama and hosts Terry McAuliffe fundraiser http://bit.ly/1AfoXf Money makes the world go round. (6:57 AM Apr 5th from Power Twitter)

@MoElleithee- Hey @JoeTrippi & @JeromeArmstrong – Does the Moran camp think Rogers fundraisers makes THESE Dems evil too? http://tinyurl.com/cav9vk  (about 15 hours ago from web)

@JeromeArmstrong- @MoElleithee So if McAuliffe had the chance, he’d do it over again the same? With Ed Rogers as the co-chairman for the fundraiser? #VA-Gov  (about 13 hours ago from web in reply to MoElleithee)

@MoElleithee-@JeromeArmstrong You’re ducking the question, my friend. Does the Moran camp have the same outrage for other Dems who’ve had BGR ‘raisers?  (about 13 hours ago from web in reply to JeromeArmstrong)

(At this point, Armstrong responds to lefty blogger Fake Virginia who was monitoring the conversation..)

@JeromeArmstrong- @FakeVirginia, http://tiny.cc/terryrogers I don’t care for it either, & his staff dragging Warner through the mud! On behalf of McAuliffe!?!  (about 13 hours ago from web)

@MoElleithee-@JeromeArmstrong Through the mud? So, does that mean the Moran camp DOES have a problem with other Dems holding BGR fundraisers?  (about 12 hours ago from web in reply to JeromeArmstrong)

So who got the best of this argument? Does it even matter? At the very least it gives an inside look at the strategy of both campaigns as we move forward toward a very interesting primary.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 6, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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