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DPV staffer wins McDonnell Bracket Madness pool

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In an odd twist of fate, Democratic Party of Virginia research director Greg Scanlon beat out 664  786 contestants to win a NCAA bracket contest sponsored by the Republican nominee for Governor Bob McDonnell.

McDonnell’s campaign designed the contest as a fun way to drum up support and interest for the campaign. The winner was promised dinner with the candidate or a three on three basketball game with the McDonnell family.

As you might expect, the DPV had a great deal of fun with Scanlon’s savvy NCAA selections. They held a watch party Monday night in Richmond at the Popkin Tavern to root on North Carolina, Scanlon’s choice to win it all. The win by the Tar Heels ensured his victory and his opportunity to dine or play hoops with the man he is working to defeat in November.  

To the McDonnell campaign’s credit they are having fun with this as well. They put out a release late Monday congratulating Scanlon on his success and proposing a three on three game that would raise money for the Central Virginia Food Bank. McDonnell also said in the press release, that Scanlon’s win demonstrates the candidate’s ability to “bring Republicans and Democrats together.”

In case you are wondering Scanlon picked the final four perfectly. He had Michigan State over UConn and UNC over Villanova. And as we mentioned earlier, he had UNC beating the Spartans in the final game.  

Regular Decision Virginia readers will remember Greg from his video blog contributions from the Democratic National Convention in Denver back in August. 

The press releases from both sides on this improbable circumstance are after the jump...


Virginia Democrats to Hold NCAA Watch Party Monday

Supporters to Root for UNC, McDonnell’s ‘Bracket Madness’ Victory

RICHMOND – Virginia Democrats will hold a watch party for the NCAA championship game on Monday night at 9 P.M. at Popkins Tavern in Richmond.

Democratic supporters will cheer on DPVA researcher Greg Scanlon, who would win Bob McDonnell’s “Bracket Madness” with a UNC victory. According to the rules of McDonnell’s pool, Scanlon could win dinner with Bob McDonnell or a 3-on-3 basketball game against the McDonnell family.

Scanlon picked the correct Final Four — Michigan State, Connecticut, UNC and Villanova – and the correct championship game. He currently sits in first place out of 664 contestants in McDonnell’s Bracket Madness.

During the watch party, Democrats will collect non-perishable items for the Central Virginia Food Bank.

Details of the watch party are:

Monday, April 6, 2009
9 PM – DPVA NCAA Watch Party
Popkins Tavern
121 W Broad St


Greg Scanlon, Research Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia, wins McDonnell Basketball Contest

McDonnell Suggests Using 3 on 3 game to Raise Money for Central Virginia Food Bank

McDonnell: “Greg’s win proves our campaign brings Republicans and Democrats Together!”

Richmond – Greg Scanlon, Research Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia, has won the “McDonnell Bracket Madness” contest sponsored by Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. Scanlon came out ahead of 786 other participants, largely on the strength of his selection of Michigan State to advance to the national title game. The pick separated Scanlon from the pack.

Speaking about Scanlon’s win McDonnell noted, “I congratulate Greg Scanlon on his win, this guy knows his basketball. Democratic Party Chairman Dick Cranwell might want to check how much time he spends researching politics versus how much he spends on ESPN.com! Greg knows his stuff; taking Michigan State to the final game was a smart move. One thing I will note, Greg’s win proves our campaign brings Republicans and Democrats together!”

McDonnell continued remarking, “Greg now has the opportunity to lace up his shoes and hit the court to play against my twin boys, Sean and Bobby, and me in what will certainly be a highly anticipated 3 on 3 game. I remind Greg that the Governor, a member of his party, has been known to shoot around a little, he could be a great teammate! If Greg can get the 3 Democratic candidates for Governor to join him, I’ll allow the Democratic team to have a fourth player and sub in and out. Also, given the interest this game will have in political circles, I want to ask Greg to join me in making this a benefit event for the Central Virginia Food Bank. We will charge attendees $5 each and help out Central Virginians in need while having a little non-political fun.”

Details regarding time and place of the 3 on 3 game will be provided pending arrangements with Greg Scanlon. Should he choose not to participate in the game, he will be treated to dinner at the restaurant of his choice with Bob McDonnell.


Greg Scanlon at the Democratic National Convention in August-


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 7, 2009 at 6:17 am

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