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Democrats attempt to capitalize on unemployment vote

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 Perhaps in someway buoyed by Governor Tim Kaine‘s harsh reaction to the rejection by House Republicans of  changes to the state unemployment benefits, Democrats are on the march. They seem to be using the issue as a clarion call for the upcoming election cycle. They see the vote as an example of a clear and distinct difference between themselves and their GOP counterparts. 

For instance, Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lashed out and Republican nominee Bob McDonnell (who supported the Republican vote). He just put out a statement saying the following:

‘At a time when we should be working across party lines to get our economy back on track, McDonnell has shown once again that he is more interested in political games and heated partisan rhetoric than working to find bipartisan solutions.’

State Senator Creigh Deeds, also a candidate for Governor was part of the battle on the legislative floor Wednesday night. He was forced to miss a scheduled appearance at his Richmond headquarters in order to be a part of the debate. He put out a statement moments after the vote that said in part:

“It’s unconscionable that Bob McDonnell and Virginia Republicans decided to turn their backs on stimulus funding that would have helped laid-off Virginia workers get back on their feet.”

In the moments after the vote, the seemingly boring piece of legislation which is very difficult to explain became heavy fodder on Democratic blogs. Many encouraging their readers to “take names” of the Republicans who voted against the plan and then “kick butt”

It even sprinkled down to local elections for delegate seats. Tom Shields, a candidate in the 73rd district which includes Henrico and Richmond, sent me a statement last night criticizing his opponent the Republican incumbent John O’Bannon. It was the first release of any kind that I had recieved from his campaign. He took aim at O’Bannon’s vote calling it “out of touch”.

While this issue is certainly one that has the potential to enrage democratic-leaning voters, we will have to see if it resonates beyond the party faithful.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 9, 2009 at 3:57 pm

6 Responses

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  1. Leave it to Democrats to think that the solution to high unemployment is to surrender VA sovereignty to an ever growing Federal government, hat in hand, begging like paupers. Isn’t the real solution to put people back to work? I don’t hear the Democrats saying that they’ll put people back to work doing things like opening up offshore drilling, building nuclear power plants, maybe adding a lane to I95 or I85. No. Of course not. They hate all that stuff. We’re going to create ‘green jobs’, whatever that is. Is that a pot farm in your basement? What the hell is a ‘green job’? If it were a ‘real job’ it wouldn’t have to be created by government, the free enterprise system would have already created it.

    When the Federal Government pretends to be generous, it’s with our money, you morons. They don’t generate anything except misery. They confiscate all the money from you and you knuckleheads buy into the idea that they are ‘giving you money’ in the form of stimulus and what not. And then they act like mafia capos, expecting even more control and demanding we give up our constitutional rights and constitutionally mandated federalism.

    I swear, these Democrats think we’re stupid. And in 52% of the case they’re right, but then they own the education mafia too.
    So there you go.


    April 11, 2009 at 12:29 am

  2. Oh, and one other very important part that I failed to mention… my wife lost her 15.5 year job as an IT professional at Circuit City and they were one of my largest clients. And we’d rather eat road kill than take that money.


    April 11, 2009 at 12:44 am

  3. The people have to remember that come election time.


    April 11, 2009 at 11:17 am

  4. Richmond Tea Party, April 15th at 6pm in front of the Federal Reserve. The first day of the next election. Eight more will occur between then and the Nov 2010 election.

    We’re telling politicians from both sides of the aisle that their recklessness will cost them come their next trip to the ballot box.


    April 11, 2009 at 2:25 pm

  5. […] Democratic activists and the mainstream media has finally spoken out on the issue, Ryan Nobles of NBC12’s Decision Virginia questions whether the issue will “resonate beyond the party […]

  6. […] Ryan Nobles of NBC12’s Decision Virginia questioned whether the issue would “resonate beyond the party […]

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